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DIY Trick or Treat Sign

Get into the Halloween spirit with our step-by-step guide on creating a modern and effortless DIY Trick or Treat sign using the reverse canvas technique. Elevate your Halloween decor with this fun project!

This easy DIY project is a dupe for the pricey Williams-Sonoma version of the Trick or Treat sign. 


Trick Or Treat SVG fileBlack Iron-On VinylSquare CanvasMatte Black Spray Paint

Download the SVG File by swiping up

Cut The Vinyl


Cut out the SVG image using a Cricut Machine. Use Iron-on Vinyl material.

Reverse Canvas


Remove the canvas material to reveal the frame. Then trim the canvas material to fit inside the frame. 

Paint the Frame


I painted my frame black using spray paint. 

Attach the Design


Weed the design. Then attach it to the canvas using an Iron or a Cricut EasyPress. 

The iron-on material will adhere to the canvas. 

Attach Canvas to the Frame


Use a staple gun to attach the canvas material to the painted frame. 

DIY Trick or Treat Sign for Halloween