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Easy DIY Halloween Bat Decor


Decorate your home for Halloween with this modern, tasteful DIY bat decor. This easy project is perfect if you want your home to feel spooky but not scary.

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easy diy halloween bat decor

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It’s spooky season! 

With Halloween right around the corner, I wanted to make our home feel a little more fun and whimsical. But, I’m going to be honest – Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Actually, it’s not even close to the top of the list. 

Sure, I love fall, but Halloween has always felt a little off to me. I’m really not into the scariness and darkness.

Last year, I started seeing all kinds of fun, not-so-scary, modern Halloween decor on Instagram. I had never thought about decorating for Halloween because I assumed it would always be dark and scary. 

But these ideas got me thinking about how I could incorporate some fun and whimsy into our home decor without making it feel scary.

I decided I wanted to create a bat display just like I had seen in so many homes on Instagram.

Here’s how my spooky but not scary bat display turned out!

diy paper halloween bat decor on white wall

Super fun and cute, right?

Well guess what? It was probably the easiest project I’ve ever done. And those are the best kinds of projects. 

Here’s how you can create the easy DIY Halloween bat decor for your home.

How To Make Easy DIY Halloween Bat Decor Using The Cricut 



How to Cut Out The Project Using The Cricut

First, you will need to download the Bat SVG file.

Get the Free Bat SVG File

Start by opening Cricut Design Space and creating a new project.

Upload the SVG File

Then, upload the SVG file by selecting the Upload button and then Upload Image. Next, drag and drop or select the SVG file you want to upload.

After the SVG is uploaded, add the image to your design canvas.

If you need a little more help uploading SVG files, you can learn more in this post.

Size Adjustments

halloween bats cricut design space

I made copies of the file within the design canvas so that I had three bats total. Then, I resized the width of each bat image to different sizes.

Size Small: 5” Wide

halloween bats cricut design space small

Size Medium: 6” Wide

halloween bats cricut design space medium

Size Large: 8” Wide

halloween bats cricut design space large

Make It

Now it’s time to make your project!

Click on the Make It button in the upper right of the screen.

The first screen you will see is the Mat Preview Screen. This will show you all of the different mats needed for your project. Each mat represents another piece of material.

For this project, there is only one material.

I wanted to cut out a variety of bats for my DIY Halloween bat decor display. So I changed the quantity to 10. This gave me a bunch of bats that I could use. 

halloween bats cricut design space mat preview screen

At the top of the Mat Preview Screen, under Project Copies, change the number from 1 to 10 and select Apply. This will duplicate the images. 

Click on the Continue button in the lower right of the screen.

Connect your Cricut machine. Then, adjust the settings as follows.

Material: Medium Cardstock – 80 lb

Pressure: Default

Tools: Fine-Point Blade

Load the standard grip cutting mat with the black cardstock material into the machine. Then, press the flashing Go button to begin the cutting process.

Load each new material in order as shown by the mats on the left side of the screen until all of your pieces are cut out.

How to Assemble The DIY Halloween Bat Decor Display

Once all of your pieces are cut out, it’s time to assemble the display in your home.

Remove all of the bats from the cutting mats once they are done and sort them by size. 

Now it’s time to create the display. I used these adhesive squares to attach the bats to the wall.

halloween bats decor above console table on white wall

There’s no real science to arranging the bats. I tried to make it look like they were flying from the console table upward towards the ceiling. So, overall I tried to make them follow an arched path.

halloween black paper bats display decor

I used a combination of the sizes to create variety in the display – that way the bats weren’t all just one size. 

Step back a few times while you are creating the display to see it from a distance. 

console table with paper halloween bats decor

Sometimes, it can be hard to see if everything looks right when you are too close. I like to step back and look at it from a fresh perspective. 

black halloween paper bats decor on white wall

Use only as many bats as you need and don’t feel like you have to use everything that you cut out. 

Once your bats are all attached to the wall, your DIY Halloween bat decor is done!

diy halloween bats decor home decor fall

I really love how this display turned out! It’s modern and tasteful for Halloween without being scary.

I completed the look for Halloween with a modern jack-o-lantern candle holder and some mini orange pumpkins. 

halloween home decor on table gold jack-o-lantern and seeded eucalyptus

I hope you love this project! If you use it to create some spooky but not scary decor in your home, tag me on Instagram here.

Happy Halloween!


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