Accent Wall

Looking for an easy and affordable way to add some interest to a plain wall in your home? Create a stunning accent wall using simple wall moulding and a few basic tools. This step-by-step tutorial for a board and batten accent wall will show you how to transform any room in your home with this DIY project.

Measure and Plan the Accent Wall


Measuring the width and height of your wall will help you determine how many vertical and horizontal pieces of molding you’ll need. You will also need to decide on the style of wall molding you want for your accent wall.

Design the Board and Batten Layout


To design the layout of your board and batten wall, you’ll need to divide the wall into equal segments using the size of the vertical battens.

Determine How Many MDF Boards You Will Need


Using your wall measurements and the number of vertical battens you’ll need, you can calculate a rough estimate for the overall length of the boards you’ll need.

Prepare the Accent Wall


If the color of your wall is significantly different from the wall molding color you are designing, you may want to prime the blank wall first.

Install Wall Molding


Install all of the pieces according to your design using a brad nailer and a level.

Add Finishing Touches


You can use either spackle or wood filler to fill holes in your accent wall. Then give your board and batten wall a fresh coat of paint.

Easy DIY Accent Wall