Organize Linens without a Linen Closet


Maximize your small space and keep your linens organized with these 10 creative solutions. Learn how to store sheets, towels, and blankets without a dedicated linen closet. Say goodbye to disorganized linens and hello to a neat and tidy home.

Empty Drawers


Using a drawer as linen storage not only utilizes the existing available space in your home, but also keeps things organized and easy to find.

Shelves in a Closet


Empty shelves can be a great way to stack a neat pile of linens for easy access.

Storage Bin Inside a Cabinet


Using a small basket or bin inside a bathroom vanity is a great way to keep your towels and washcloths organized, and makes them easy to access.

Basket Linen Storage


This is especially useful for small bathrooms. You can store bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths in decorative baskets.

Vertical Linen Storage


A metal wall rack is a great option for storing linens on the wall in small spaces or bathrooms.

Decorative Shelves


You can display and store your linens like hand towels or washcloths stacked on the shelf or in a small basket.

Storage Furniture


Pieces such as storage ottomans and accent cabinets are perfect for storing extra sheets, blankets, and other linens.

Under The Bed Storage


You can save so much space by storing extra linens in an underutilized storage space in your home.

Hanging Door Organizers


These organizers are designed to hang from the top of the door and typically have several pockets, which can be used to store linens such as sheets, towels, and other items.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags


You can use these to store extra blankets, comforters, extra pillows, and other linens that you don’t use as frequently.

10 Space-Saving Linen Storage Ideas