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10 Simple Solutions for Organizing Linens Without a Linen Closet


Maximize Your Space: How to Organize Linens Without a Linen Closet

Linens are an essential part of any household, but they can also take up a lot of space. A well-organized linen closet is the ultimate goal for any household, one where all linens are easily accessible and all of our family members can find exactly what they need.

linens organization extra towels

But, if you don’t have a dedicated linen closet in your home, it can be difficult to find a place to store all of your linens and keep them easily accessible. 

Linens such as sheets, towels, and blankets are important for any home. However they can become easily disorganized. 

Sheet sets and towels can often end up piled on top of each other in whatever space is available. But not only does this make it difficult to find the linens you need, but it’s also hard to keep track of what you actually have.  

Without a good system, linen organization can become a huge pain point when managing your home. It’s easy to feel like you’re in a never-ending cycle of disorganization and chaos.

10 simple solutions for organizing linens without a linen closet

The good news is that with a little creativity and some practical solutions, you can easily organize your linens without a linen closet.

extra linens organized linen closet

Whether you’re looking for a way to store extra sheet sets for guests, organize the towels in your bathroom, or even keep those cozy throw blankets in your living room neatly in place, there’s a solution for your small home. 

In this post, I’m sharing the best way to keep your linens organized and easily accessible, even if you don’t have a dedicated linen closet.

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10 Space-Saving Linen Storage Ideas

1. Empty Drawers

Empty drawers can be a great storage solution for linens, such as extra sets of sheets and pillowcases.

Using a drawer as linen storage not only utilizes the existing available space in your home, but also keeps things organized and easy to find. 

drawer storage container for linens
Source: Pottery Barn

When it comes to storing linens in a bedroom, you can use the extra drawer in a nearby piece of furniture like a dresser or bedside table to store extra sheets for the bed, making it easy to change the bed sheets and keep it made with clean linens.

In my daughter’s nursery, I use an extra dresser drawer to store crib sheets and extra waterproof mattress covers. This way I can easily access and replace them as needed.

nursery drawer organized bedding and linens
Source: Kelley Nan

One advantage of using a drawer for linen storage is the ability to use drawer organizers and dividers to keep all of your items separate and organized. This will make it easier to find what you need when you need it without having to dig through messy piles. 

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2. Shelves in a Closet

Another way to store linens is by using an extra open shelf in a closet space. Empty shelves can be a great way to stack a neat pile of linens for easy access. And you can use shelf dividers for even more organization to keep everything in place.

bath towels rolled on shelf in closet

You can also utilize storage bins to better contain and organize linens and make them easier to access when needed.

I have a few soft fabric bins in our closet for storing extra sheets and pillow cases. Inside of the bins, I use jumbo Ziploc bags to better organize the different sizes of bedding.

storage bins with extra bedding and sheets

For example, I have a bag for queen pillowcases and another bag for king pillowcases.

queen pillows storage linen closet
king pillows storage linen closet

I also have a bag that stores both a fitted sheet and a flat sheet for a bedding set together.

sheet sets in closet storage space

I also really love these zipper bin organizers. They are perfect for use on a closet shelf, and can be used for organizing bed linens together in a single container

For example, you can store an entire bedding set, including a comforter, an extra set of sheets and pillowcases, all in one container. This not only makes it easy to swap out bedding, but also convenient and time-saving.

These zipper bin organizers also have a clear window on the front, allowing you to easily identify what’s inside, and quickly find what you need.

bed linens sets of sheets organizers


3. Storage Bin Inside a Cabinet

Using a small basket or bin inside a bathroom vanity is a great way to keep your towels and washcloths organized, and makes them easy to access.

drawer organizers with folded hand towels

I personally use a plastic bin inside the bathroom vanity to store items such as hand towels, washcloths and makeup remover towels. I prefer using an open bin, but using stackable storage bins with lids is another great option.

linen storage ideas small spaces and small items

I’ve also seen really beautiful acrylic pull out drawers that can be stored underneath a bathroom sink for extra linen storage. These drawers make it easy to organize your towels into categories and are also very pretty storage solutions. 

Storing bathroom towels and washcloths in a basket or plastic bin can be a great solution for keeping smaller items organized and easily accessible. 


4. Basket Linen Storage

If you don’t have a storage space inside of a cabinet or vanity, you can also store linens in a decorative basket

By keeping linens in an easy to access and convenient place, you and your guests will always know where to find them.

decorative basket with extra blanket

This is especially useful for small bathrooms. You can store bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths in decorative baskets. These baskets work as both practical storage solutions and home decor. 

rolled hand towels in storage basket

For example, in our home’s kid’s bathroom, I store bath towels and washcloths in a pretty woven basket. To keep everything looking neat and tidy, I roll the bath towels and store the washcloths in a smaller basket within the larger one. 

5. Vertical Linen Storage

You can also make the most of unused spaces in your bathroom to create vertical linen storage. 

vertical wall storage towel organizer

A metal wall rack is a great option for storing linens on the wall in small spaces or bathrooms. 

bath towel organizer wall set

Wall racks designed to store bath towels are great space saving storage solutions. Not only does it save space by keeping extra towels off the floor, but it also keeps them easily accessible

We have a modern metal wall rack in our master bathroom for storing bath towels. The rack is designed to store towels that are rolled and keeps everything looking clean and organized. 

We mounted it next to our bathtub and it’s easy to grab a new, fresh towel whenever we need it. 

store linens on the wall

6. Decorative Shelves

A decorative shelf is a great way to store linens like hand towels in a bathroom, because it serves both a practical and decorative purpose.

decorative shelf with linen storage

You can display and store your linens like hand towels or washcloths stacked on the shelf or in a small basket. 

Linens make great shelf decor because they add texture and layers to your space. They’re not only pretty, but they are also useful items to have within easy reach in a bathroom. 

hand towels on shelf space

Using a decorative shelf to store hand towels makes them easily accessible to you and your guests. 

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7. Storage Furniture

Furniture with hidden storage is another great way to store and organize linens. 

Pieces such as storage ottomans and accent cabinets are perfect for storing extra sheets, blankets, and other linens.

storage ottoman with blankets inside
Source: Pottery Barn

If you have space in a guest room, a piece of furniture to store guest sheets, guest towels, and other items in one dedicated space makes hosting so much easier.

cabinet furniture linen closet solutions
Source: Wayfair

In our living room, we have a large storage ottoman that works as the perfect place to store throw blankets. 

large fabric storage ottoman for extra blankets

Another great piece to look for is a storage bench to use at the foot of your bed. They have just enough space to store sheets and double as extra seating in your home. 

8. Under The Bed Storage

One of the simplest ways to store extra linens is to use an under the bed storage box or storage container. You can save so much space by storing extra linens in an underutilized storage space in your home. 

under the bed storage container for extra towels
Source: Amazon

These types of organizers come in many different materials and sizes, but are all designed to fit underneath a bed. 

I have seen both plastic under the bed storage containers and soft sided fabric organizers

fabric under the bed storage container with stored linens
Source: Amazon

These types of storage containers are a great way to store linens that are used less frequently. For example, you can store extra sheets, blankets, and comforters, as well as out-of-season holiday linens or beach towels. 

When you need to access your linens, you can simply slide the container out from under your bed. 

9. Hanging Door Organizers

Hanging door organizers are a great way to make use of the space on the back of a closet door for organizing linens in your home.

hanging door organizer for linen storage ideas
Source: Walmart

These organizers are designed to hang from the top of the door and typically have several pockets, which can be used to store linens such as sheets, towels, and other items.

One of the main benefits of using a hanging door organizer is that it makes use of otherwise unused space. This is especially true when your closet shelf space is already full.

They also help to keep linens accessible and visible, so you can quickly and easily find items you need. 

hanging bath towel storage ideas
Source: Amazon

By utilizing the back of a door, you are saving valuable floor space in small bathrooms and bedrooms. 

10. Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Vacuum-sealed storage bags are a convenient and space-saving way to store long-term or lesser-used linens. 

These bags work by compressing the linens and reducing the amount of space they take up. This allows you to store more linens in a smaller area.

You can use them to store extra blankets, comforters, extra pillows, and other linens that you don’t use as frequently. 

vacuum sealing sheets and linens

The process of using vacuum-sealed storage bags is simple: you place your linens inside the bag, seal it, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air. 

Then when you need to use your linens again, you simply open the bag and the linens will return to their original shape.

how to store sheets with vacuum seal bags

If you have a lot of linens to store that you don’t use frequently, a vacuum-sealed bag might be the perfect storage solution. 

You can store them in lots of different places around your home, such as the top shelf in a closet or under the bed. 

Final Thoughts About Organizing Linens Without a Linen Closet

Organizing linens can be a challenge especially if you live in a small space. But with a little creativity and some practical solutions, it’s easy to keep your linens organized and easily accessible even if you don’t have a designated linen closet.

There are many space-saving options for storing linens in your home. You can create a functional and custom storage solution even if you don’t have a dedicated linen closet. 

folded towels and linens

The key is to find a system that works for you and your home. One that will make it easy to find the linens you need when you need them. 

I hope that these tips help you make your home functional and organized.

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