How to

Organize A French Door Fridge

The best tips on how to organize your french door refrigerator. Get organized today by following these 5 easy steps.

French Door Fridge

They have wider shelves and larger pull-out bins. This maximizes your storage capacity and allows you to better organize all of your food.

Here's the best way to organize a french door fridge. -->

Get Rid of Old Food


The first step is to get all of the food out of your refrigerator. It may seem overwhelming, but this step is essential. It’s easier to organize when you’ve completely cleared the space.

Clean the Fridge


Next, take an all-purpose cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth and wipe down the entire refrigerator. Make sure to really deep clean the fridge.

Sort Food Into Categories


After you’ve cleaned, start organizing your food into categories. This will help you figure out how much food you have and how much space you will need in your fridge.

Adjust the Fridge Shelves


Move around the adjustable shelves until you find a configuration that makes the most sense for you and the foods you have to put back into the fridge.

Organize Food with Bins


Try to group similar items together and create zones. This will make finding food for dinners and putting groceries away so much easier.

I also love using these multi-purpose bins to hold bread and bagels. It’s easy to open up the door and grab the bin in the morning when we’re making breakfast.

Organize French Door Fridge