Pumpkin Centerpiece

Create an easy modern pumpkin centerpiece using white and orange faux pumpkins. This over-the-top display will definitely make a statement during your next fall get together.

Look for faux orange and white pumpkins. Try to find a mix of traditional and heirloom pumpkins.

Swipe up to shop these small faux pumpkins.

Swipe up to shop these mixed faux pumpkins.

Place a table runner at the base of your centerpiece. A great alternative is a cozy fall scarf. 

Next, start creating an intentional pile of pumpkins.

Place larger pumpkins at the bottom as a base and pile the rest around them.

To create some movement to my arrangement, I placed a stack of pumpkins off to one side. 

If you need to add height to your centerpiece, try using pillar candle holders to prop up some of the pumpkins.

Make sure to alternate how the pumpkins are placed in the centerpiece. For example, try and lean some pumpkins so they are tilted to the side. 

If you want to make sure that nothing falls over, I would recommend using some glue dots to hold things in place. 

Pumpkin Centerpiece