Free Printable Fall Bucket List


Get inspired for fall with this free printable fall bucket list. Tons of fun activities to try!

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free printable fall bucket list download

I would have never expected that my little fall bucket list from a few years ago would go completely viral on Pinterest. (Check out the original pin here).

Apparently, there are lots of you who love fall just as much as I do!

fall bucket list printable in a frame with a candle

>> Apple Pickin’ Candle From Antique Candle Works <<

Out of all the seasons, fall is definitely my favorite. I love the cooler temperatures, the wonderful smells, and the cozy feelings. And because it’s my favorite season, each year I try to get the most out of it. That’s why I created my fall bucket list.

fall bucket list printable in a frame with a pumpkin

Since my fall bucket list is such a popular pin, I decided to update it a little and turn it into a free printable. Now, you can actually print it out and display it in your home!

With fall right around the corner, I’m getting so excited for all of the fall activities. This fall bucket list printable is perfect for keeping track of the fun things you can do during this wonderful season.

close up of fall bucket list printable in a frame

What’s On My Fall Bucket List

Here’s a quick overview of everything on my fall bucket list:

  • Make Apple Cider
    In my original fall bucket list post, I shared a super simple recipe for apple cider. You can see that here.
  • Go to a Fall Festival
  • Carve Pumpkins
  • Bake Yummy Fall Recipes
    Also, make your home smell amazing with a cozy fall simmer pot.
  • Go Outside and enjoy the Crisp Air
  • Open the Windows
    This is one of the best things to do. It’s finally cool enough to leave the windows open and get that cool air into your home!
  • Get Cozy on the Couch and Read a Book
    Don’t forget a cozy blanket!
  • Go Apple Picking
  • Eat Pumpkin Spiced Foods
    Who is excited for the PSL?
  • Go to a Football Game
  • Wear a Cozy Sweater
  • Go on a Hayride
  • Decorate for Fall
    I can’t wait to share my fall home tour this year!
  • DIY Cute Fall Crafts
    If you need some fun ideas, check out these posts –> DIY Abstract Canvas Art, DIY Cozy Fall Pillow, DIY Wood and Metal Fall Sign
  • Burn Fall Candles
    My new favorite candles are from Antique Candle Co. She has the BEST fall scents. Check them out here.
  • Have a Campfire
  • Go on a Walk and see the Colorful Leaves
  • Make a Pie
  • Wear Cozy Scarves
  • Eat a Caramel Apple


fall bucket list printable in a frame

To display this fun fall printable in your home, you will need to print it out. I recommend printing on a thicker paper like white cardstock. But regular printer paper works perfectly fine too.

Once you print it out, just pop it into a frame and display it somewhere in your home. Another great way to display it is right on your fridge where your whole family can see it.

I hope that this free printable fall bucket list gets you excited for fall!


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