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Yes, Christmas is over. I know, I’m sad too.???? That means it’s time to put away all of the Christmas decorations. And while pulling decorations out of boxes and putting them up around the house is fun and festive, packing everything to go into storage seems like a chore. Where’s the Christmas music to listen to while you’re putting away decorations? ???? That should definitely be a thing!

The best storage containers, bins, and supplies for organizing your Christmas decorations.

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As much as I LOVE my home all decked out for Christmas, once the new year rolls around, I get kind of excited to have my old house back again. When all the decorations come down and everything is finally cleaned up, I feel like the house can breathe again! And that makes me want to start cleaning and organizing! Does that happen to anyone else?

The January cleaning and organizing spree is in full swing! And what better way to start than by getting your Christmas decorations organized?

It’s time to get rid of the old cardboard boxes and start fresh! Believe me, you will be so happy next year to have nicely organized, easy to find Christmas decorations.

The best storage containers, bins, and supplies for organizing your Christmas decorations.

1 – Tree Storage Bag – If you have a fake tree, stop storing it in that box it came in! Instead, grab one of these awesome tree storage bags. They are made from a heavy-duty material so you don’t have to worry about it ripping or breaking. I love that it has straps for carrying because there is nothing more awkward than trying to lug around a big cardboard box with a tree in it.

2 – Clear Storage Boxes – Clear storage boxes are perfect for Christmas decorations. You can use them for gift wrapping supplies, seasonal home decor, and even ornaments. And because they are clear, when you go looking for all your decorations, you will be able to easily glance at the container and know exactly what’s inside. These boxes also stack easily for maximum storage potential.

3 – Wrapping Paper Bag – I know a wrapping paper bag seems like a luxury storage item, but hear me out. Having a designated location for all of your gift wrap is so helpful. I am guilty of storing my wrapping paper in random places around our house. Inevitably the paper ends up ripping or gets wrinkled in some way, and that is just a waste of money. I’m also the one who, when it’s time to wrap gifts, tries to gather all of the wrapping paper in my arms while also holding gifts, ribbon, scissors, tape. Talk about awkward! It would be much easier to just have a handled container where everything is stored away neatly and in one place.

4 – Wreath Bag – Instead of storing those round wreaths in a square box (like most people do) and wasting valuable storage space, why not get a container that’s specifically made for round things? Then, you can stack all of your wreaths together for storing and maximize your space. Wreath bags just make sense, and honestly, they can be used for more than Christmas decorations. Think of all those pretty seasonal wreaths you have for your door! Wreath bags are the perfect organized solution.

5 – Fabric Box with Organizers – Lights are another Christmas decoration that people normally just thrown into a box. Not only is it not the best use of space, but the lights become a tangled mess and are difficult to put up the next year. This fabric storage box comes with organizer panels that fit perfectly inside. Organize your lights by wrapping each strand around a panel and sliding it into place for storage. It’s like having a little Christmas light file cabinet!

The best storage containers, bins, and supplies for organizing your Christmas decorations.

1 – Bubble Wrap – Lots of Christmas decorations are breakable, so when packing them away, it’s helpful to have a roll of bubble wrap on hand. There’s nothing worse than opening a box of decorations the next year and finding out that something broke! Most of the ornaments on our Christmas tree are glass, so I normally store each ornament with a small amount of bubble wrap in divided fabric boxes.

2 – Gear Ties – You guys, these are an awesome organizing staple to have around your house! Gear ties are basically reusable rubber twist ties. You can wrap them around cords of any type to keep everything together and corralled. These are great for keeping light sets together or garlands wrangled. This set comes with a variety of different sizes.

3 – Big Ziploc Bags – Instead of throwing everything into a box, why not try to sort things by type and create segments in your storage containers. Small Ziploc bags are great for ornament hooks or tinsel, but these big bags are perfect for corralling larger items together. Try using one to collect all your ribbons or gift bows in one place. Gather similar decorations in a big bag and then next year it will be so easy to pull it out from your storage box.

4 – Packing Paper – Packing paper is another supply that is great to have on hand for storing Christmas decorations. If you have less breakable decorations that don’t necessarily need bubble wrap, it’s helpful to wrap them with paper for some protection. Packing paper is also great for wrapping less breakable ornaments for storing.

Have I convinced you to upgrade your Christmas decoration storage game? The right storage solutions really do make keeping your decorations organized so much easier. I’d love to hear how you keep all your holiday decor organized. And if you have any other suggestions for some amazing gear or supplies, leave a comment below!


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