The Best Faux Greenery for your Home


No matter how hard I try, I really struggle with keeping my houseplants alive. I’ve tried over and over again, but inevitably I end up with dead plants all over the place.

This year I’ve managed to keep my fiddle leaf fig tree – affectionately called “Figgy” – alive. He’s still going strong. But one living houseplant is about all I can manage!

The Best Faux Greenery for your Home - Over 15 artificial plants, greens, wreaths and more! Get the best deal on modern houseplants here.

I love plants and I love greenery because they add that extra finishing touch to a room. Actually, I think greenery and plants are an essential element of home decor. They bring life and a natural touch into a room.

But keeping them watered…that’s another story!

Lucky for me, and all of you out there with black thumbs, faux greenery is looking more and more realistic every day. You can find some pretty convincing faux plants that look just as good, if not better, than the real thing.

The best part is, you never ever have to water them! That’s a win in my book. Low maintenance all the way.

Also a win in my book – the prices have gotten a lot cheaper. Realistic looking greenery used to be SUPER expensive. But now, you can find some great looking greenery for your home without breaking the bank.

So today I’ve rounded up some of the best faux greenery I’ve found on the web. Just click on the image to shop the post.

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  1. While I love real greenery around the home, it just doesn’t work in some parts of my home … not enough light, owner laziness I really need something for the corner of our bedroom but haven’t found anything yet.

  2. I couldn’t relate more! I have the same problem, I couldn’t keep most of my live plants alive! Since I love incorporating plants in my indoor spaces, as you mentioned – they add extra finishing touch to the room, I resorted to using silk plants. Low maintenance and I get the design I want for my spaces. Perhaps one of these days, where my schedule permits me too, I can manage to learn how to garden good. Thanks for sharing!

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