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Earlier in the summer I had the awesome opportunity to host a joint baby shower “sprinkle” for two of my closest friends Lisa and Carissa! Since they were both expecting their second babies, we planned to have a “sprinkle.” My amazing co-host Jenna came up with the idea to have an ice cream sprinkles-themed shower.

Together with our other crafty friend Jess, we brainstormed the décor, food, and details and the result was an adorable “sprinkle” shower. It turned out amazing, and honestly it looked like it was more complicated than it actually was!

Today I want to share with you how Jenna and I hosted a “sprinkle” baby shower. Most of these ideas can be used for any type of party, not just baby showers. Hopefully you can get some inspiration and ideas for your next big party!

SUPER CUTE baby shower that's sprinkle themed! So many great party ideas. Also, the BEST tip for serving ice cream at a party!


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Since the party was ice-cream sprinkle themed, the color scheme was basically all colors of the rainbow. We wanted it to be bright, colorful, and fun. Our friends Lisa and Carissa were both having little girls so the detail colors leaned towards the pink side. Before the event, Jenna found a cute sprinkle invitation online and we sent it out to all of our guests.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-69

The shower was going to take place at my house and we decided to have the main setup on my kitchen island. First, we set out the flowers and an adorable banner that we made ourselves.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-1

All of the flowers were from Trader Joe’s. I bought two bunches of pink flowers for $5.99 each. I also bought a bunch of eucalyptus for $2.99. I put one large bunch into a large clear vase that I had and fanned out the eucalyptus in the back of the vase. Then I tied a large bow using 1.5” light pink satin ribbon.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-37

The other bunch of pink flowers was separated to make 6 smaller vases. These vases were clear milk jars that I tied a smaller bow around using 0.75” light pink satin ribbon.

The “Sprinkled With Love” banner was made using my Cricut Explore. We cut out a bunch of circles from a Sprinkle patterned wrapping paper that we found at HomeGoods. We then cut out the same sized circles from some white cardstock and attached the patterned circles to the cardstock to give it some more stability. Next, we cut out all of the letters from pink and purple cardstock using the Cricut Explore. Finally, we glued everything together and attached all the circles to create a banner.

The wrapping paper that we found was also used to wrap the gifts for our sweet friends.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-26

The little chalkboard was a leftover decoration from a wedding that Jenna helped with. It fit perfectly for the shower.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-29

Jess created these cute little “Sprinkled With” large bookmarks for both Lisa and Carissa. She found different Bible Verses that were about motherhood or encouragement for life and wrote out the associated qualities.

For example, one of these was “Sprinkled with…Grace” and the associated verse was 2 Corinthians 12:9

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-42

Jess was so thoughtful when creating these and also created little “tents” that were placed throughout the food display that also had all of these verses and associated qualities listed on each one.

We wanted to have a statement piece that would set the tone for the room. Jenna came up with the idea to make hanging sprinkles that sort of resembled a giant mobile from the ceiling.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-44

To make the strings of sprinkles we bought cardstock in multiple bright colors. Then we used my Cricut Explore machine to cut out a variety of different circles in each color. Next, we cut different lengths of string and tried to get a rough estimate of how low we wanted the sprinkles to hang. Once the string lengths were cut, we laid out the string flat and Jess randomly placed the sprinkles along each one. Each sprinkle was then attached to the string using clear tape. To setup the mobile effect, I stood on the island while Jenna directed where I should put each string. I attached each one to the ceiling with just a piece of clear tape. We spaced them out making sure to have a variety of different lengths over the different areas of the island.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-48

Once they were all in place, the result was stunning! The sprinkles were the perfect centerpiece and the whole display really set the tone for a fun and happy shower.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-43

For refreshments, we had a beverage dispenser of lemonade and we made adorable little mason jars with sprinkle rims. To finish them off we added a pink paper straw.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-45

To make the sprinkle rimmed mason jars, I used small mason jars, a jar of rainbow sphere sprinkles and corn syrup. I started by dipping each rim into the corn syrup to get a nice light layer on the rim. Once there was no more dripping, I dipped the jar into a bowl of the sprinkles to evenly coat the rim. Once it was fully covered in sprinkles I transferred the jars to my refrigerator to try and stop them from running. This was NOT the most successful project, as some of the jars had drips down the side that I had to quickly clean up before the party. These were so cute though and I think they were totally worth it, but I would use a different method for future parties. Instead of corn syrup, I would have used white chocolate candy melts. Then I would let them dry completely in the refrigerator and that would harden the sprinkle rim. The corn syrup was invisible, but white chocolate would have looked just as good with the multicolored sprinkles.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-31

At the beginning of the shower, we served a light lunch of salad. Between Jenna and myself we had a large assortment of white serve ware, trays, and bowls so that all of the food had a cohesive look.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-39

We put out a few different types of lettuce and a tray of chicken. Then we had vegetable toppings, croutons, cheeses, and dressings so that each guest could create their own salad.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-33
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-53

At the other end of the island, we had some desserts set out – all sprinkle themed of course!

Jenna made this amazing chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. She used a heart stencil to create the dense sprinkle heart on the top. We placed the cake up on my clear cake stand.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-50
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-32

Notice the adorable confetti sprinkles scattered around the food display? We found those at Michael’s in the party section. They fit perfect with the theme.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-35

We made two types of chocolate covered Oreos using white and milk chocolate candy melts. We just used a fork to dip each Oreo in the melted chocolate and then added sprinkles to the top. Then we set each one on parchment paper to harden.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-54

Jenna also made some cute little sprinkled sandwich cookies. Then, just when you thought we had enough sugar, we also made some white chocolate covered pretzel rods. These were also covered in sprinkles and displayed on a light pink cake stand that I had.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-40

It can’t be an ice-cream sprinkle themed shower without ice-cream! After we all had lunch, Jenna and I switched out the lunch food on the island to make way for the ice cream.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-15

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-20

We found these really cute ice-cream cups in the party section of Michael’s. Then we picked up some patterned wooden spoons to go with them.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-4
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-9

To make serving easier, we pre-scooped all of the ice-cream about two days before the shower. This was honestly the best idea ever and made serving the ice-cream SO much easier.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-5

I found these really cute rainbow striped cupcake liners (similar) that I knew would be perfect for serving ice cream. We set out the liners on a rimmed baking sheet and after letting the ice-cream soften, we scooped out a single scoop for each liner. Once the tray was full, we popped the entire thing into my freezer so the scoops could freeze. When it was time to set out the ice-cream, we just pulled out the trays, and transferred a few scoops to the serving trays. We left the rest in the freezer to replenish as needed. When guests came up to make their own ice-cream sundaes, all they had to do was grab a scoop and transfer the ice-cream from the liner to their cup and they could get as many different flavor scoops as they wanted. Seriously, do this the next time you have a party with ice-cream. This was so much more effortless than having someone scooping from a frozen solid ice-cream tub, struggling to keep up with the guests. Any time we were running low I just opened up the freezer and grabbed a few more scoops.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-8

We had a variety of sweet toppings to go with all of the ice-cream and guests could pick and choose what they wanted.

After all of our sweets, it was time to open up the gifts.

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-82

Lisa is on the left and Carissa is on the right.
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-87
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-89
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-105
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-125
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-143
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-147

Everyone had so much fun at the shower and it went so smoothly. We had so much fun planning it and I hope that you can take a few ideas and inspiration and use them for your own parties in the future!
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-72
Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower-157

I’m in the front on the left, Jenna is front and center, and Jess behind Jenna to the left.


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  1. This is absolutely adorable. What a beautiful party idea!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thanks so much Megan!
      >> Christene

  2. That party looked too freakin cute! Might have to steal the “sprinkled with love” idea. Loved how you incorporated real sprinkles into everything as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thanks Angela! I was so happy with how it turned out. Go for it!! It’s such a fun and colorful theme for a shower 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      >> Christene

  3. This is such an adorable idea for a baby shower! So cute! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thanks so much Sara! Of course – I love Merry Monday 🙂

      >> Christene

  4. I love the idea of the “Sprinkled with…” bile verse tent cards. Is there any chance that you have the remainder of these that I could use for a party that I am hosting?

  5. Deanna Cecenas says:

    This is adorable! I would love to use the “sprinkled with…” cards for when I host my best friend’s sprinkle in a month! Where can I find those?

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hi Deanna! I don’t actually have those cards with me. My friend Jess made them (she’s so talented!)

      I looked back at some of the pictures that I had saved on my computer and I was able to find the references so you can try to make your own versions. I hope this helps.

      Joy – Psalms 16:11
      Provision – Matthew 6:33
      Wisdom – Proverbs 9:10
      Favor – Proverbs 8:35
      Blessings – Ezekiel 34:26
      Grace – 2 Corinthians 12:9

      >> Christene

      1. Thank you so much! That does help!

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