Friday 5 – Things to help you Stay Productive


Welcome back to the Friday 5! 

Now that we are back from our summer vacation, I’m getting back into my daily routines. One thing that I really struggle with is staying productive and on top of all my to-do list items. I want to make sure I’m making the most of my time and accomplishing my goals. I’m still learning what works best for me, but I’ve found a few things that make staying productive every day a lot easier. For today’s Friday 5, I’m sharing 5 things to help you stay productive.

Friday 5 - Things to help you Stay Productive: 5 things to keep you on track, productive, and reaching your goals!

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  1. I love these colorful little notebooks from Poppin! They are small enough to fit in my purse and I carry them around wherever I go to jot down ideas and notes that pop into my mind. It helps me to capture things quickly on the go. Ben has field notes, which are essentially the same thing, but they are a “manlier” design. I like these because they are so colorful!
  2. You can’t have a mini notebook without a pencil. I wanted to have something more high quality than the cheap ones you find at the stores in multi-packs. This pencil is a drafting pencil and it’s the nicest mechanical pencil I’ve every had! #pencilnerd
  3. To stay productive you’ve got to stay motivated. This desk calendar is filled with a new motivational quote or saying each day. Each one is illustrated beautifully and just really pretty to look at. I have the 2016 version on my desk now, and this 2017 version is going on my Christmas wishlist!
  4. Everyone needs a to-do list to stay on track and get things done. Wunderlist is my favorite app for that. Some people like the regular paper and pencil way of making a to-do list, but I prefer to keep mine on my phone and computer. I like having all of my to-dos at my fingertips wherever I go. It’s so helpful to get everything out of my brain and into a list. That way I’m not trying to remember everything I need to do constantly.
  5. Productive people have schedules, and schedules require a calendar. I use Fantastical as my regular calendar. It is super user-friendly and has so many features that make it a powerful scheduling tool. If you are looking for a great calendar app, try Fantastical – it’s the best!

I hope you enjoyed my Friday 5 for this week!

Have a great weekend!


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