What I’m Putting on my Baby Registry


Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming. Here’s everything I’m putting on my baby registry for our first baby.

What I'm putting on my Baby Registry. Babylist registry example for our first baby.

Time is flying and I’m already over halfway done with my pregnancy. Actually, now I’m into my third trimester! I can’t believe how fast everything is going. 

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I wanted to start collecting all my ideas in one place. I had so many suggestions from friends about things I would want to have for the baby, and I needed a place to store them. So I started a baby registry very early on. 

It was so helpful to have a universal registry where I could add any item from any store and start organizing all of my thoughts.

As the months went by, I started to refine some of my selections. I narrowed down my list and actually created a registry.  

Creating a baby registry can be a little overwhelming. There are SO many things out there that you can get for babies. 

Ben actually found out that pregnant women are the top marketed to demographic because they are so much more likely to purchase things for their babies. And I totally believe that statistic! It can be hard to resist some of the adorable items you see in stores or all of the Instagram ads for cute baby products. So the overall message is, there’s definitely no shortage of baby items out there!

But that doesn’t make it very easy to figure out what you’ll need. I did a lot of research and searching on Pinterest to see what other people put on their registries. I loved reading the types of posts where women were sharing what they put on their registry or what they wished they had put on their registry.  

I thought it would be fun to see what I decided to put on my baby registry while I was pregnant. I also want to do a follow-up post after I have our baby and share what I actually used and loved. 

Today, I’m sharing all of the things that I’m putting on my baby registry.  

My Baby Registry

I registered at Babylist.com.

My Top stores for baby items are: Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Amazon

We are having a girl!

I’m going to break down my registry by the general category and share some of my highlights from each section.


Click on any photo below to shop items from the Nursery section of my registry. 


Crib & Mattress – There are lots of cribs and mattresses out there to choose from. Ultimately, I decided that I wanted a simple, modern crib that could eventually convert into a toddler bed. I love the design of this crib. For the mattress, I did a lot of researching and looking at reviews. There are WAY too many options out there are some are extremely expensive. I thought this was a good middle ground option that had great reviews. 

Dockatot and Covers – I’ve heard so many great reviews about the Dockatot, so I decided to include it on my registry. I really want to have a good spot that’s portable and I can move around our house if needed. Everyone raves about how much they love the Dockatot! I also picked out a pretty cover

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Sound Machine – This sound machine was highly recommended. As much as we hear that you should be quiet around the baby, they are actually used to a lot of noise from the womb. So I think this sound machine will be great to have for white noise as well as a night light. 

Bassinet – At the beginning, our baby will be sleeping in our room. I wanted a bassinet that would fit next to our bed. We have a fairly low profile bed and we also don’t have a ton of room on my side. I found this option which was much more affordable than some other options out there. It also has really good reviews. 

Swaddles, Blankets, and Linens

Click on any photo below to shop items from the Swaddles, Blankets, and Linens section of my registry. 


Crib Linens – I added a waterproof mattress cover and some different options for crib sheets to my registry. One of my friends suggested that I register for higher quality sheets because they will last longer. So I picked out a few really great options from Pottery Barn Kids.

SwaddleMe Swaddle – I’ve heard great things about these swaddles because they are easy to use and they stay put. I added this cute pink set to my registry. 

Regular Swaddles – I also couldn’t resist adding a few cute regular swaddles to my registry. There are so many cute patterns! I picked up one from Copper Pearl for our pregnancy announcement photo and it’s so soft! I think it’s my favorite. I’ll definitely be getting a few more from Copper Pearl in the future. 


Click on any photo below to shop items from the Feeding section of my registry. 


Boppy Pillow and Covers – I’ve heard great reviews about the Boppy pillow as a nursing pillow, but also just as extra support for the baby once they can sit up. I added the pillow, a cover, and a waterproof cover to my registry. 

4moms High Chair – I knew that I wanted a high chair that was easy to clean. I love that the 4moms high chair is all plastic and can be easily wiped down. I also love the magnetic tray because it’s super easy to install. There’s no latches and things or potential pinch areas for the baby.

Table Side High Chair – When our baby is a little older, I wanted to have another option for a seat. I love this high chair that can easily attach to a table or even an island. 


Click on any photo below to shop items from the Bathing section of my registry. 


Infant Bath Support – This bath support has awesome reviews. It’s simple but also effective and I love that it’s just one piece. It also has a mesh back so the soapy water will rinse right through.

Bathtime Essentials Set – I love this little bathtime essentials kit. It has a few different tools to make bathtime easier and it’s got a cute whale theme. 

Bath Thermometer – I found this cute thermometer that looks like a rubber duck. It will be perfect for checking the water temperature and making sure it’s not too hot for our baby.

On The Go

Click on any photo below to shop items from the On The Go section of my registry. 


Infant Car Seat – I looked at a bunch of different options for a car seat, but eventually decided that I liked the UppaBaby Mesa the best. We even got to try it out in the store at Buy Buy Baby and we really loved it. It’s very easy to install and is fairly lightweight – It’s a car seat though so with a baby inside it’s going to be heavy eventually. I also really love the hooded part. I know it’s a small detail, but I liked that it was rigid and didn’t flop all over the place. It was easy to flip up and down and felt well made. 

Stroller – I also debated a bunch of different options for strollers but eventually stuck with the UppaBaby Cruz. We also got to try this out in the store at Buy Buy Baby. I loved the modular design and that the car seat and the toddler seat can snap in interchangeably. There are similar strollers out there, but I felt like the fell of this one as I was pushing it was just a better quality overall. I decided on the Cruz model over the Vista because it’s much smaller and compact. I think it will be perfect for our needs.

Baby Carriers – I put a few different options for carriers on my registry. But the Solly Wrap came highly recommended from some of my friends. I can’t wait to use this one when our baby is little!

Car Seat Cover – There are tons of cute covers out there for car seats. Some of my favorites are from Copper Pearl – they have adorable patterns. But there was something about this cute space-themed one that I just loved!

Travel Sound Machine – Just like in the nursery, I think it will be so helpful to have a sound machine to help our baby sleep if she’s on the go. This option is simple and compact. 


Click on any photo below to shop items from the Diapering section of my registry. 


Changing Pad – I was looking for a changing pad that was solid and easy to clean. I originally wanted the peanut but it was just so expensive. I found this option which is very similar and essentially does the same thing. I like that it’s all plastic and all once piece. No covers to deal with or things I need to wash if there are accidents. I think it will be so much easier to keep clean.

Diaper Genie and Refills – I’ve heard mixed reviews about using the diaper genie. But, ultimately I decided that I would like to try it out. I think it should work really well for us.

Wipes Dispenser – At first I didn’t think to add this to our registry. But then when we were at Buy Buy Baby, I saw this on the shelf and got to try it out. It’s actually really handy to have something weighted so that you only pull out one wipe at a time. And the container stays put. Especially if you are only using one hand. 


Click on any photo below to shop items from the Clothing section of my registry. 


I’ve been using this section of my registry to add all sorts of cute clothing that I find. I know that we are going to be overrun with clothes from our baby shower. But, I still like having this section as a guide to what my style is like and what kinds of clothes I might want to pick up in the future. 

Hats, Bows, and Accessories

Click on any photo below to shop items from the Hats, Bows, and Accessories section of my registry. 


The best part about having a girl is that there are so many cute accessories! I’m already going crazy with the bows.

Gear Accessories

Click on any photo below to shop items from the Gear Accessories section of my registry. 


I’ve added a few pacifiers and teethers to my registry. There are tons of cute options like these ones. So many different colors. I also love Wubanubs. But I’m sure we will get a ton of teethers and things like this at our shower. 


Click on any photo below to shop items from the Playtime section of my registry. 


4moms Breeze Playard and Changing StationI love this playard! It’s super easy to set up and I also love that it’s just a solid color – black. The plan is to put this in our living room and have sort of a baby station on the middle level of our home. You can also get the changing station accessories caddy to go on the side. 

Bouncer – We found this bouncer in the store at Buy Buy Baby and just loved it. It’s cute and neutral so we can use it for years to come. Also, it will be so handy to have around.

Swing and Rocker Combo – We also found this swing combo in the store at Buy Buy Baby. We also plan on keeping this in the living room of our home. I love the neutral colors and I think it’s a great find.

Play Mat – Eventually, we would like to turn the nook area of our living room into a kid zone. So, I was thinking about getting these floor mats to cover to create a soft play zone. I love the look of these because they are neutral and will fit in with my decor style. They almost look like a rug!

Toys and Books

Click on any photo below to shop items from the Toys and Books section of my registry. 


I know we will also probably get a ton of toys for our shower. But I added a few cute finds that I loved to this section of our registry.


Click on any photo below to shop items from the Medical section of my registry. 


FridaBaby Bundle – I’ve heard such great reviews about all of the FridaBaby products. So when I saw this kit of a bunch of products bundled together, I knew it would be perfect for our registry.

FridaMom Postpartum Kit – This is a new item from Frida this year. I love that they have a whole kit for moms and recovery after birth.

Humidifier – We’re having a winter baby, so a humidifier is a must. It can get so dry and congestion is pretty common. This humidifier should help out during those dry winter months.


Click on any photo below to shop items from the Safety section of my registry. 


Baby Monitor – I’ve had a really hard time deciding on a baby monitor. Almost all of the versions that we looked at in stores had horrible reviews online. There are a few high-end top of the line monitors out there, but they also require subscriptions to apps and software that I just didn’t want to be tied to. Ultimately, I looked on Amazon for some highly rated monitors and I found this one. So, I’m not over the moon about this choice, but I want to try it out and see if it’s something we like.

For the Parents 

Click on any photo below to shop items from the For the Parents section of my registry. 


Diaper Bag Backpack – I have debated a few different diaper bags. But this backpack version from Freshly Picked seems to be super convenient and also stylish enough to use as an everyday bag for all my things.

PS: You can get this at Buy Buy Baby and you can use one of their 20% coupons on it! Which is a great deal in my opinion.

NOTE: I did purchase this Lily Jade diaper bag but ultimately decided it wasn’t right for me. Even though I thought I would love it, I ended up returning it. 

Not on My Registry – Items I Already Have

There are also a few items that I would recommend for a registry. I don’t have them on mine anymore because I already have these items.

Click on any photo below to shop items from the items I already have. 


Glider – I really wanted a high-quality glider for our nursery. One that looked good, felt good, and that we could use for years to come. Our glider was definitely a splurge piece for our nursery, but I ended up purchasing this one over Labor Day weekend when it went on sale. I can’t wait for it to arrive and to use it in our nursery! I got to try it out in person at the store (which I recommend if you are making a purchase like this) and I just loved it!

Breast Pump – My insurance covers a breast pump (most do now). So I was able to get this ahead of time. I paid $50 extra to get this model. I read a bunch of reviews and people loved it. I also love that it’s a closed system, so I don’t have to clean out all the tubes and parts every single time.

Kiinde System – When I got my breast pump, I got a free sample fo the Kiinde system. It’s a breast milk storage and feeding system with twist bags. It’s actually really a great idea. I decided to get this starter kit and this is what I plan on using. 

Sherpa Clothes – We’re having a winter baby, and I know it’s going to get cold! I got this cute sherpa jumpsuit during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It’s super soft and cozy. My sister in law also got us another warm and cozy jumpsuit. I think these are great to have on hand if you are having a winter baby.

That’s everything! I think this is probably one of the longest blog posts I’ve ever written. I hope that it’s helpful to any of you who are looking for ideas and tips for what to put on your baby registry. 

I can’t wait to see what I end up actually using. Be sure to check back later to see a follow-up post of my favorite baby essentials.

I’m also curious – what are some of your must-have baby items? What have you put on your own registry? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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