Easy Gold-Dipped Feather Ornament


Create a beautiful, modern gold-dipped feather ornament using a few simple supplies. This gorgeous ornament will be perfect for your Christmas tree.

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easy gold-dipped feather Christmas ornament on Christmas tree craft project

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This is my fourth year participating in the ornament exchange and I couldn’t be more excited to be paired with Jessa from Sparkle Living Blog

Jessa described her Christmas style as “modern” and was going to have a white tree with blue, gold and silver ornaments. 

I wanted to create a beautiful ornament that was simple yet still gorgeous. One that would stand out on the tree but also fit in with Jessa’s color palette. 

I decided to create this pretty gold-dipped feather ornament. It was so easy to make that you could make a whole set for your own tree. I love that the simplicity makes this feel modern and fresh. 

Here’s how I made my ornament. 

How to Make an Easy Gold-Dipped Feather Ornament



This ornament is very easy and simple to make. 

First, start by opening up the feathers you have and finding a few good looking feathers. Sometimes there are dud feathers or ones that are shaped a little odd. 

white feathers on brown kraft paper

I tried to pick an assortment of feathers to paint so I had a few options. 

Using the washi tape, secure the feathers to a sheet of kraft paper to get ready for painting. 

white feathers washi taped to brown kraft paper

Using the metallic gold spray paint, spray the edges of the feathers and let them dry. Only spray the edges and not the whole feather to get the gold-dipped look.

white feathers being spray painted with gold metallic paint

Depending on the feather, you may or may not get the best result. I painted a bunch of feathers to make sure that I got one that I liked. The spray paint is a little rough on the feathers.

white feathers spray painted with gold metallic paint on brown kraft paper

What I found was that the “heartier” feathers held up the best. The fluffy ones tended to clump with paint and dry poorly. You want your feather to have stiffer bristles so that it can take the paint well.

Once the paint was dried, I choose my favorite feather for the ornament.

gold-dipped white feather

Next, take a clear plastic ornament and open the top. 

clear ornament with gold-dipped feather

Carefully place the painted feather inside of the ornament and position however you want. I used a pencil to adjust mine and get it into the position I wanted inside of the ornament.

gold-dipped feather inside of clear Christmas ornament

Then, just replace the top of the ornament to secure the feather inside. 

Gold-dipped metallic feather inside of clear Christmas ornament craft

Next, you’ll need to create an ornament hanger for the top. 

gold ribbon next to a clear glass Christmas ornament

Take some gold ribbon and cut a small piece. Loop the ribbon through the top of the clear plastic ornament and tie a knot at the top. Then, use some scissors to trim off any excess ribbon.

gold ribbon ornament hanger tied onto clear ornament

To finish my ornament, I wanted to add a little more gold detailing. I cut another small piece of the gold ribbon and tied it into a bow. 

gold ribbon bow next to clear Christmas ornament

Then, using a hot glue gun and glue sticks, I attached the bow to the ornament hanging ribbon. I adjusted the bow so that it was positioned in the front. Finally, I cut the tails of the bow using scissors so that some of the ribbons hung down the side of the ornament. 

gold-dipped white feather inside of Christmas ornament with gold bow

Isn’t this gold-dipped feather ornament beautiful!? 

easy gold-dipped feather Christmas ornament on Christmas tree on tiny Christmas tree

I love how it turned out. It’s simple, yet modern. I think a whole set of these on a Christmas tree would look beautiful together. 

closeup of easy gold-dipped feather Christmas ornament on Christmas tree

They’re so easy to make, that you could create an entire gift set to give to someone this Christmas. 

easy gold-dipped feather Christmas ornament on Christmas tree with gold ribbon bow

I hope that Jessa loves it as much as I do.

easy gold-dipped feather Christmas ornament on Christmas tree

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  5. You made my day . Thank you much for sharing this

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