The Best Age for a Newborn Photoshoot: Capturing Cherished Memories


What is the best age to get professional newborn baby photos? 

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a whirlwind of emotions, and new parents often find themselves wishing to freeze these early moments in time.

That’s where a newborn photo session comes in! 

newborn toes and older sibling hands baby photoshoot

If you’re wondering about…

  • the best time for a newborn photoshoot
  • the perfect age to capture those adorable poses
  • or how to choose the right professional newborn photographer

you’re in the right place.

This blog post will guide you through every step, from deciding the ideal session date to preparing your little one for their close-up.

the best age for a newborn photoshoot

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All of the photographs in this post were taken by our wonderful newborn photographer Rachel Rossetti of Rachel Rossetti Photography.

Choosing the Best Age for a Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn photography is an art, and timing plays a crucial role in capturing those tiny fingers and sweet yawns. 

Newborn photoshoots are typically done in the first 2-4 weeks after birth. This is because newborns are most sleepy and content during this time, which makes it easier to get photographs of your baby. 

cozy newborn baby with neutral clothes

In the first couple of weeks after birth, babies are still in that newborn stage, which is the perfect time for a photoshoot.

They tend to sleep a lot compared to older newborns, making it easier to capture photos of their delicate features and precious facial expressions.

newborn baby photoshoot

If your newborn isn’t sleeping soundly through the photo session, don’t fret! Awake newborns can still be photographed beautifully.

You’ll have the chance to capture more of their alert and awake time, showcasing their emerging personality.

newborn baby in crib

Common Newborn Photoshoot Styles

There are two main different styles of newborn photography, and they are very different in their look and feel. Here are the most popular styles:

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot

This style aims to capture natural, everyday moments in the life of your new family. 

Lifestyle newborn photography is all about preserving genuine, candid moments of your family’s life. This style is the best way to capture the authentic interactions, emotions, and surroundings that make your family unique.

when to take newborn baby photos in your home

What to Expect:

  • Natural Settings: Lifestyle sessions typically take place in your own home or a meaningful location. This creates a comfortable and familiar backdrop for your photos.
  • Unposed Moments: Instead of carefully staged poses, lifestyle photography thrives on capturing the spontaneous interactions between family members and the newborn.
  • Minimal Props: The focus is on your family’s connection, so props are often kept to a minimum. The setting itself tells a story.

Best For:

  • Families who cherish candid, unfiltered moments.
  • Those who want to capture their family’s dynamics in a natural environment.
  • People who prefer a more relaxed and intimate approach to photography.

Posed Newborn Photoshoot

This style involves carefully positioning your baby in various props and setups, such as baskets, buckets, and poses that mimic their natural sleep positions.

Posed newborn photography is an art form that involves carefully orchestrating every detail of the photoshoot to create captivating, artistic portraits of your newborn.

best time to book newborn baby photos

What to Expect:

  • Studio Setting: Posed sessions often take place in a photographer’s studio, where they have control over lighting, props, and backgrounds.
  • Delicate Posing: The photographer will spend a lot of time gently posing your baby in adorable positions while ensuring their safety and comfort.
  • Use of Props: From tiny hats to snug wraps, posed sessions often incorporate a variety of props to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Best For:

  • Families who adore the classic, artistic look of a professionally posed newborn portrait session.
  • Those who want to capture styled poses of their newborn, with themed props in studio sessions.
  • People who appreciate the careful crafting and attention to detail that posed photography provides.

Choosing the Right Style for You

Lifestyle and posed newborn photoshoots each have their own distinct charm. When deciding between the two, consider the following:

  • Your Family’s Personality: Are you more comfortable in candid, everyday situations, or do you prefer carefully arranged portraits?
  • Desired Atmosphere: Lifestyle sessions capture the coziness of your home, while posed sessions offer a more artistic or themed look.
  • Photography Goals: Do you want to capture genuine family interactions, or are you looking for a gallery of newborn portraits?

Both styles create memorable keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. Whether you opt for the genuine emotions of lifestyle photography or the meticulously posed portraits of the classic style, your newborn’s story will be beautifully told through the lens.

family newborn baby photos

Finding Your Newborn Photographer

Choosing a professional newborn photographer is an important decision that will shape the way you remember your baby’s first weeks. Here’s how to find the right fit:

posed newborn baby photos

Start Early: Second Trimester

It’s a good idea to start researching photographers in your area during your second trimester. This gives you enough time to browse portfolios, read reviews, and reach out before your baby arrives.

Popular photographers often book up quickly, so contacting them early increases your chances of securing a session date that aligns with your due date and the baby’s birth.

Do Your Research: What to Look For

  • Experience: Look for photographers who specialize in newborns and have a proven track record.
  • Portfolio: Browse their previous work to ensure their style aligns with your vision.
  • Reviews: Read what other parents have to say about their experience.
newborn photo session in your home

Schedule a Consultation: Ask Your Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, use the contact form on their website to schedule a consultation. This is your chance to ask about pricing, packages, and any specific ideas you have for the shoot.

Preparing for Your Newborn Shoot

You’ve chosen the right photographer, and now it’s time to prepare for the newborn photo shoot:

Choosing a Session Date

Work with your photographer to set an exact date that works for both of you. Remember that babies are most cooperative in the morning, and planning around their feeding schedules can lead to a more content and sleepy baby.

sleepy newborn baby photos

What to Wear

Plan your outfits in advance. Consider coordinating with your spouse and any older siblings to create cohesive photos. 

family newborn photoshoot

One thing to consider when choosing outfits for your family photo shoot is actually your home decor.

Most likely you will be framing these family photos and hanging them on your walls. You want your photos to fit in with your overall decor scheme.

mom and newborn baby photo session

Try and consider this when choosing your outfits and the color schemes. 

Here are some of the best things to consider when choosing your outfits: 

  • Neutral Colors: Opt for soft and neutral colors that won’t distract from your baby.
  • Textures: Consider adding textures like knit sweaters, lace details, or cozy soft outfits. 
  • Comfort: Choose outfits that you’re comfortable in. This will help you relax during the photo shoot and be able to enjoy the process. 

Awake Time and Feeding

Make sure your baby is well-fed and has some awake time before the session. This helps them settle and sleep during the shoot, allowing the photographer to capture those adorable, sleepy poses.

sleepy new baby photos

Be patient and flexible. Newborns can be unpredictable, so be prepared for feedings, diaper changes, and the occasional fussiness. 

Your photographer will work with you to ensure that you get the best possible newborn pictures, even if that means taking breaks throughout the photoshoot.

newborn lifestyle photos

That’s completely normal and a photographer that specializes in newborn photos will be familiar with this and prepared. 

FAQs About A Newborn Baby Photoshoot

The Most Common Questions about Newborn Photos of Your Baby

Q: How much does a baby’s newborn session cost?
The cost of a newborn photoshoot can vary depending on the photographer and the package you choose. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $800.

Q: How long does a newborn photoshoot take?
A typical newborn photoshoot can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the photographer and the type of photoshoot you are having.

cozy new baby newborn photos

Q: Is it safe to pose newborns for a photoshoot?
When done by a professional photographer who is trained in handling newborns, posing for a photoshoot can be safe for your baby. It is important to choose a photographer who is experienced in handling newborns and has the necessary equipment to create safe setups.

Q: What should I bring to a newborn photoshoot?
You should bring a full bottle of milk or formula, a change of clothes for your baby, and any props or outfits that you would like to use during the photoshoot. You may also want to bring a pacifier or any other comfort items that your baby may need.

Q: Can I include older siblings in the photoshoot?
Absolutely! Many photographers offer packages that include shots of older siblings with new babies. Just make sure to communicate your preferences with the photographer during the consultation.

sibling new baby photoshoot

Q: What if my baby has baby acne or other skin imperfections?
No worries! Professional photographers are skilled at retouching photos. They can edit out any imperfections, ensuring your baby looks their best.

Q: When should I book my newborn photoshoot?
It is best to book your newborn photoshoot before your baby is born, so that you can reserve your spot with the photographer of your choice. However, it is possible to book a photoshoot after your baby is born. A great time to take newborn photos during the first 2-4 weeks of your new baby’s life. 

new mom and baby photos lifestyle


A newborn photography session is an investment in beautiful new family memories. By choosing the right photographer and timing, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous photos that capture the joy and innocence of your baby’s earliest days. 

family newborn photo session

Remember, every detail of your baby’s early weeks is a treasure worth capturing. So, get ready to create stunning memories that will warm your heart for years to come!

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