100+ Unique Christmas Ornaments from Amazon


Decorating a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be boring. You can find unique ornaments by shopping on Amazon. In this post, I’ve curated over 100 unique Christmas ornaments for your tree.

100+ Unique Christmas Ornaments from Amazon

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One of the first things you can do to get your home ready for the holidays is to put up a Christmas tree. 

How the tree is decorated is unique for each person. Some people have themed trees or styled trees while others have traditional trees or family trees. 

Christmas in our home is all about traditions. And that includes our Christmas tree. 

Traditional fresh Christmas tree in living room

Every year, we decorate the tree with Christmas ornaments that we’ve collected through the years. 

As we take out each ornament, we get to reminisce about our Christmases from years past and all the memories. Each ornament has a story or memory associated with it. 

Many of the ornaments are from when Ben and I were growing up. We’ve also collected new ornaments since we’ve been married and continued to add to our collection. 

close up of fresh Christmas tree with family ornaments

Each ornament is unique. Some of them are sentimental, others have stories associated with them. Some are from trips we have taken or places we’ve seen, and others are just ones that we liked or thought were pretty!

I have a thing for really unique ornaments. Ornaments that look like something other than a traditional shape or ball. 

Our tree is covered with things like foods, Santas, vehicles, buildings, and lots of other unique items. 

I also love glass ornaments – I just think they are beautiful! 

One of my favorite secret places to find unique Christmas ornaments is actually Amazon! You have to do a little bit of hunting, but there are tons of options that are completely different than what you’ll find at the big box stores. 

golden bells Christmas decor in living room

When I’m looking for unique ornaments, I’m searching for ones that aren’t just a traditional ball shape. I gravitate towards ones that represent something meaningful or are just plain fun. Something that will have a story when it’s on a Christmas tree.

Lucky for you, I’ve already done all the hunting on Amazon. I’ve spent lots of time searching and curating some of my favorite unique Christmas ornaments. It’s easier than ever to find beautiful and unique ornaments for your Christmas tree, right from your own home. 

I’ve rounded up 100+ of my favorite unique Christmas ornaments below. Click on any photo to shop!


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  1. I will keep them in mind for when I will have to paint next. Thanks for sharing!

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