Cozy Fall Things


It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season. I love pretty much everything about it. If fall is your favorite season too, you are going to totally understand this next statement.

I really love being cozy!

Fall is the perfect cozy season. It’s finally cool enough outside to start wearing layers and bringing out blankets. But, cozy to me isn’t just about being warm. It’s a combination of rest, relaxation, comfort, and peace.

Sometimes I need to slow down a little. Life gets so busy and moves so fast, that most of the time I forget to include time to relax. And even when I do try to relax, normally my mind is racing and I’m not really experiencing any peace.

This fall, I’ve decided to try and be more intentional about giving myself time to rest and relax. Time to be cozy!

Here are some of my favorite cozy fall things:

The coziest things for a nice and relaxing day. I love all these things, especially for the fall. So many great gift ideas!

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I always like to have a cute decoration in my cozy space. I love how simple and neutral this Get Cozy pillow is because it will fit into any décor.



This is my new favorite scent – fireside hearth. It’s warm, cozy, and subtle. The best part is that it can work for both fall and winter.



I just got this new book in the mail and I’m already obsessed with it! I pre-ordered Grace not Perfection all the way back in April, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Emily Ley shares all about slowing down and embracing simplicity in life. I love the message of giving yourself grace instead of striving for perfection.



Cozy socks are my go-to when it’s chilly outside. Actually, I wear these just about all the time when I’m at home. I have a whole basket of big, fluffy socks in my closet and I’m always adding to my collection.



If cozy to you involves going on a walk and taking in the fresh air, you are going to need a cozy scarf. I love blanket scarves in the fall, and this one is a steal!



Whenever I get cozy, I’ve always got a mug of my favorite drink nearby. I like to find cute festive mugs, so this one caught my eye for fall. Pumpkin season!!


Hot Chocolate & Tea

My first choice for a cozy warm beverage is always going to be coffee, but if it’s later in the day I like to make a nice big cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. I also love just a warm cup of tea and this Winter Spice tea has all the right flavors for fall.


Coloring Cards & Colored Pencils

Sometimes I just want to relax and not think, but my mind is still racing. That’s when coloring books come into my cozy time. I love to color because it’s a mindless activity that helps quiet my mind and let me relax. These coloring cards are so cute and once you are done you can put them just about anywhere. Also, I’m loving this gorgeous set of colored pencils.


Now it’s your turn. What do you do to relax and rest? What are your favorite cozy fall things?


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  1. I must admit that fall is one of my favourite seasons as well. Not too cold and not so warm that a cozy pillow or scarf could not be used. Love this line up, by the way! Makes me want to curl up somewhere with a good book, a lit candle and pillow under my head 🙂

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Me too Jelica! Fall is so nice and I could totally go for some cozy-time 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

      >> Christene

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