Fall Console Table Decor


Cute and affordable decorations for fall!!

Hey everyone! I’m here with a quick fall update for you about decorating my new console table.

Fall is my favorite season! I love the crisp air, and getting to break out some of my warmer clothes. Once fall starts, I like being able to add some more cozy and natural elements into my décor.

We recently purchased a new console table/shelving unit (soon to be TV stand) for our living room from HomeGoods and it is the perfect piece for this room. I love the gray tones in the wood and I can’t wait to figure out how to style the open shelves. In the meantime, before it becomes a TV stand, I couldn’t just leave it there completely empty.

Fall Console Table Decor-2

To make the space look a little more “finished” I used a combination of some items I already had and a few new pieces. I chose to add some layering to my décor since the top is of the console table is fairly deep. Also, our walls are 9 feet tall, so I needed some taller items to fill out some of the wall space. I think that it turned out pretty great and I love how all of the items work together to create an inviting fall display.

Here’s what I used:

Fall Console Table Decor-15

1. Vase filled with Eucalyptus Stems

Eucalyptus is the perfect fall greenery to decorate with and have all over your house. I love how it smells, it is the perfect muted green, and its super cheap. I found this bunch at Trader Joe’s for around $3. I placed my “bunch” in this natural orange and brown stoneware vase that I got as a gift from my mother-in-law. I kept the eucalyptus watered for a while, but then I let it dry out to hold its shape and to use as a permanent decoration.

2. Vase with a tall Branch of Fall Leaves

To get that height that I needed over this display, I picked up this fall leaves stem from Joann Fabrics. I love the orange colors of the leaves with the muted green of the eucalyptus. I just placed it in this blue and white patterned vase that I found at a flea market for $2!

3. White Pumpkin planters with some Floral Elements

These white pumpkin planters are the cutest! I found them at Joann Fabrics in the floral section. They look perfect with a small bunch of some fake cream hydrangeas placed inside of them.

Fall Console Table Decor-10

4. Wooden Window

This wooden window was actually also in the floral section of Joann Fabrics. I thought it was the perfect wooden tone and backdrop piece for my display. This piece acts as a great “neutral” because it can be used for other seasonal displays or with different color schemes easily.

5. Pillar Candles

I picked up these pillar candles a while ago from Ikea for a really great price! They are great to use as layering pieces to add some interest to the front of the display. Ikea is my go to place for unscented pillar candles. The price is so great that I don’t even feel guilty about burning them (you know what I’m talking about…the guilt of actually lighting an expensive candle). I didn’t light these specific ones for my display – these were for decoration only.

6. Candle Holder with Leaves Candle

I had this candleholder already and it happened to fit the Bath and Body Works Candles perfectly. I love the pattern on the outside of it too – I think it works perfectly for fall. I used this to hold my favorite scented candle (the one I actually burned) the Leaves scent from Bath and Body Works! I stock up on these every year so I already had this one on hand.

7. Wooden Arrow

I found this wooden arrow at Kirkland’s and I think the colors look great in the living room. I decided to stand the arrow up to add some height to the right side of the display and balance everything out.

Fall Console Table Decor-17

Fall Console Table Decor-18

So, what do you think? I am pretty happy with my little display. Until I turn this into the TV stand I’m going to keep changing up my display area for the seasons. What areas of your home have you decorated for fall? I would love to see some pictures of things you have come up with!


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