Finishing Touches


After the drywall went up, things started to move quickly. Each time we went to visit the house, we got to see new things installed and finished. One morning, we looked out to see the construction workers starting the siding on the house.

House Construction Siding Installation

By the time we got home from work, all of the siding on the house was finished!

House Construction Siding Complete

Next came the paint. When choosing upgrades for the house, we decided not to upgrade the paint.  The only upgrade that was available was to choose 1 colors from a selection of 3 pastels that the entire house would be painted in. We decided that we could just live with the “included” paint, and paint on our own later.

The base level paint for the house is a flat paint in the color “Antique White.” In my mind, when the sales representative explained this to us, I pictured it as a slightly off white color. Instead, “Antique White” comes off as a very yellow paint color. The builder sprayed the walls and ceiling all at once, so throughout the house, everything looked….yellow. It really was not my favorite. Also, because many of our selections for the house fit more into the cooler color spectrum, the yellow walls and ceilings would just clash with everything. We decided that the paint would serve as a good primer and that once we moved in we would start painting room by room.

House Construction Front Door

One of the biggest additions was the kitchen installation! I really love how the kitchen turned out. I know it doesn’t look the greatest in these photos with the yellow walls, but I can picture it with gray walls and eventually a tile backsplash. Once we get rid of the yellow hues, the grays and whites will really compliment each other and the room will be grounded with the dark hardwood floors.

House Construction White Kitchen Cabinets Laminate Countertop Marble

House Construction White Kitchen Cabinets Laminate Countertop Marble

I was really happy to see all of the hardware installed throughout the house. I think the oil rubbed bronze hardware looks really sharp against the white doors and especially on the white kitchen cabinets.

House Construction White Kitchen Cabinets Laminate Countertop Marble

In addition to the kitchen cabinet installation, the cabinets for the upstairs bathrooms were also installed. I really love the contrast between the dark cabinets here and the bright white cultured marble countertops. Also, the cultured marble sink is seamless with the countertop, so it looks great and it will be much easier to clean.

House Construction Bathroom Cabinets Countertop Cultured Marble

House Construction Bathroom Cabinets Countertop Cultured Marble

During one of our next visits, we opened the lower level door and were surprised to see carpet!

House Construction Lower Level Carpet Installation

But that wasn’t the best part…Once we walked upstairs, we saw…

Hardwood Floors!!!

House Construction First Floor Hardwood Floor Installation

I LOVE these floors! I am so happy that we picked them. I just really love the warmth that they add and the hand scraping detail on them looks amazing. They looked so great, even though they were still really dirty from construction.

House Construction First Floor Hardwood Floor Installation

House Construction First Floor Hardwood Floor Installation

The carpeting looked great throughout the rest of the house. I think that the silver color will really come through better once the walls are painted something other than yellow. It does look great up against the bright white trim.

House Construction Second Floor Carpet Installation Staircase

The appliances that we bought with the house were also installed. What we didn’t realize was that the stove and the microwave that we purchased in the beginning for the house were not available. This worked in our favor though because we were given UPGRADED appliances. We already upgraded these appliances when we made all of our selections, but now they were REALLY UPGRADED for no extra cost to us. We were given the GE Profile Series Gas Range Oven and the GE Profile Series Over Range Microwave.

House Construction White Kitchen Appliances Stainless Steel

House Construction Oven Stove Appliances Stainless Steel

House Construction Window

All of the details were coming together to finish the house and we didn’t run into any issues. We couldn’t wait to see it all cleaned up and ready for closing day.


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  1. It’s so exciting to see your home come together isn’t it? Congratulations. It’s looking beautiful.

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