How to Save Money Shopping for Home Decor


I love decorating my home. It’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s basically my hobby.

But decorating a home isn’t always the cheapest hobby. Furniture, art, decor and more can get really expensive really fast.

Over the years of decorating apartments and our first home, I’ve learned how to decorate in a way that I love and also save money at the same time.

As much as I would love for my home to look like one of those interior designer homes that you see on Instagram or Pinterest, the reality is I don’t have that kind of budget. I’ve got to find ways to decorate for real life with a real budget.

But having a real budget doesn’t mean your home has to look mediocre. It’s totally possible to have a beautifully decorated and designed home without hiring an interior designer or spending a fortune on furniture and decor.

Beautiful and affordable sputnik chandeliers for your home at a budget price. Check out these amazing finds!

I’ve learned how to take inspiration from those high-end homes and find budget-friendly versions for my own home.

So instead of a custom piece of artwork for our living room, I found a clearance abstract canvas for $39.

Simple and modern fall home tour. Get inspired to decorate your home for the autumn season by touring this fresh and bright home.

Instead of splurging on high-end textiles, I bought fluffy pillow inserts for $2 and pillow covers for only $8!

It's a Wonderful House Christmas Home Tour. A modern classic Christmas living room tour. A Beautiful Christmas tree and gorgeous garland deck out this space for the holiday season.

Instead of getting high-end nightstands for our master bedroom, I found budget look-alike versions of the nightstands for under $100 each!

How to get rid of nightstand cable clutter. The best way to organize your wires and cords to create a charging station in your nightstand. Get rid of the mess once and for all!

I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter where you buy your furniture or decor. You can find home decor items that look just as good as the pricey versions at a fraction of the cost.

You just need to know where to shop!

Today I’m sharing my new guide for saving money, The Ultimate Affordable Home Decor Shopping Guide.

You can get this guide now HERE!

In this guide, you’ll learn some of my best tips for saving big in stores and online. And, I’m also sharing all my favorite stores so you’ll know exactly where to shop.

Throughout the guide, you’ll even get a peek inside my home to see how I’ve used and styled many of my budget finds!

Go and grab the guide now HERE! I know you are going to love it.

Have fun decorating your home!


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  1. great tips and good examples, like the pillow, amazing what a few inexpensive accessories will do to a room!

  2. This guide could be a big help for me! I also want to have a room like those I see on Instagram or Pinterest, but do not have the budget for it (I know it’s expensive beyond my budget). Thanks for sharing this 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Your thoughts on cheap beautification are very fabulous. With the support of your thoughts, we can improve our home without spending lot and they will look marvelous. I like revising furniture most. Much obliged for this significant post.

  4. Making your home classy and beautiful has never been this affordable! Thank you so much for sharing these tips, very helpful!

  5. Can I just say that your guide has greatly helped me in decorating my home! Thank you so much for these helpful tips!

  6. we are currently gathering ideas to remodel our house thanks for sharing some lighting ideas

  7. Thanks for the advice. Really helpful in choosing where to and what to shop for furniture in the house.

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