8 Simple Ways To Add Fall To Your Home


Do you want your home to feel like fall? By switching up a few pieces of your home decor, you can make your home cozy and inviting for the fall season. Check out these 8 simple ways to add fall to your home. 

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8 simple ways to add fall to your home

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It’s that time of year again where Instagram turns into one big celebration of fall. Everything is pumpkins, leaves and a whole lot of orange. 

I don’t know about you, but my feed is filled with pretty pictures of the perfect fall aesthetic. Coziness, warmth, yummy scents, and the crisp autumn air are all over the place and it’s making me want my home to feel a little more like fall. 

You don’t have to go all out to create that cozy fall feeling in your home. It doesn’t have to look like your home turned into a pumpkin patch just to create that fall vibe you want. 

By switching out a few things here and there and incorporating some simple ideas, you can quickly and easily make your home feel like fall. 

Here are 8 different ideas that you can use to add fall to your home.

8 Simple Ways To Add Fall To Your Home 

Warm Up The Colors In Your Home

A quick and easy way to make your home feel a little more like fall is to incorporate richer, warmer colors into your decor. 

burnt orange pillows on bed

Burnt Orange Pillow Covers

The fall season brings with it the change of colors from bright greens to more muted colors. You can reflect that change in your home through your decor. 

The easiest way to do this is with textiles like throw blankets, pillow covers, hand towels and even accent rugs. 

fall modern living room

You can also look for decorative items like vases, bowls, and objects that come in deeper autumn colors. 

fall vases on a shelf

Brass Textured Vase

Look for decor that brings in the natural colors of the season. I like to add darker, more muted colors to create that autumn feeling. I love to look for muted green, burgundy, mauve, brown, and burnt orange. 

Add Lots of Textures

A great way to transition your decor from summer to fall is to start adding in more textures. 

Textures can be added in a variety of different ways. For example, you can add a chunky throw blanket, or a knitted pillow cover for some texture to your couch. 

But texture can also be incorporated in other ways, not just textiles. 

During the fall season, I love to bring in more wood tones. Wood decor and objects add texture and warmth to your decor and 

black vases with fall leaves and wooden bowl home decor

Wooden Bowl (Similar), Tall Black Vase, Short Black Vase

The florals and stems in your decor can also add lots of texture. For fall, look for stems that look heartier, and a little bit rougher. Instead of smooth leaves and petals, try going for things like thistles, heather, and grasses.

Put A Pumpkin On It

This probably is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel like fall. Pumpkins are a very obvious sign of the season and adding them into your decor will instantly change the feel. 

knitted pumpkin next to white vase on end table

Knit Pumpkin (Similar)

Decorative pumpkins come in a variety of different sizes. So you should be able to find something that will fit into your home. 

I like to use smaller pumpkins on shelves or as a subtle accent piece. One of my money-savings tricks is to buy floral picks with pumpkins attached and just cut off the pick part. It’s really affordable and the pumpkins are the perfect size.  

small white pumpkins on decorative bookshelves

I’ll use bigger pumpkins if I’m making a larger display or even lower to the ground. Larger items can feel heavier and keeping them lower helps to create balance in your decor. 

cement pumkin on console table shelf

Make It Smell Good

Try to remember the last time you baked something super yummy. I bet your house smelled amazing! 

Scent is so powerful and can immediately make your home feel different. If you want your home to feel like fall, try making it smell like fall.

fall floral on tray in living room with fall candle

Warm Caramel Crumble Candle

Add some fall candles to your decor and burn them to create a cozy fall atmosphere.

If candles aren’t your thing, you could try making a simmer pot on your stove. It’s a great way to make your home smell good using natural elements like autumn foods and spices. 

Add Some Not-So-Spooky Hints Of Halloween 

I’ll admit that Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I really don’t like the spookiness and scary parts of Halloween and would rather just stick with fall. So, for the most part I don’t really decorate for Halloween. 

But this year, I found a couple of decorative jack-o-lanterns that I thought were pretty, and not too spooky. 

jack-o-lantern and seeded eucalyptus

You can incorporate some hints of Halloween into your home to make it feel more seasonal without it being scary.

I really like jack-o-lanterns that aren’t scary looking. There are lots of versions that are candle holders or even bowls. Try to look for ones that fit into your decor and can be that small hint of Halloween for your home. 

I also made these cutout paper bats to decorate with on the wall over my console table. They are a subtle nod to Halloween without being scary or spooky. 

halloween bats home decor in modern home

Bring In The Cozy

Fall is when the weather starts to cool down and you get the crisp morning and even air. I love the cooler weather and I also love to open up the windows throughout the season.

To make your home feel more like fall, try to bring in some cozier pieces. They can be both practical for the cooler temperatures and decorative too.

Look for thick, warm throw blankets that are perfect for snuggling under. Stash a variety of cozy blankets in some pretty textured baskets for easy access. 

knitted pumpkin and vase of fall florals on end table with throw blanket in a basket

Another way to bring in the cozy is to light some non-scented candles in a simple arrangement. Candles create a cozy vibe in your home when the sun goes down. 

Change Up Your Artwork

Using printable art is a great, and inexpensive way to decorate your home. It’s also an easy way to change the look of your art for the seasons without spending a ton of money. 

Look for pretty fall printable art to use throughout your home. You can change pieces that are in frames on your walls, or even use small frames to add accent art to your fall displays. 

Try to look for pretty fall landscapes or abstract art that brings in the deeper colors of autumn.

fall decorative printable landscape art on tv in living room

One way that I decided to incorporate fall art into my home this year was actually on my TV. I love when people use their frame TVs to display beautiful artwork in their home. 

I don’t have a frame TV. But I saw this brilliant idea from Lauren at Blesser’ House on how to display art on any TV. I found this pretty fall landscape print and used it in our home this year. I love how it instantly made our home feel like fall. 

Bring Nature Indoors

One of the best ways to make your home feel more like the season is to bring elements of nature into your home. This goes for all seasons, but during the fall there are so many options.

I love to add real greenery in beautiful muted fall colors into my home. Especially textured seeded eucalyptus. It looks so pretty and is hearty enough to last for a while in your home.

small orange pumpkin next to seeded eucalyptus

White Ceramic Vase

Real pumpkins, gourds, and apples can all be added into your home as decorative pieces. They are so easy to find at just about any grocery store and will look beautiful. 

I also love to just go foraging for stems of random flowers, or even branches of leaves to use in my home. 

Go on a walk around your yard or neighborhood and look for spots where there are lots of wildflowers, branches, and random grasses. Grab a few stems from outdoors and bring them in to create a pretty and free floral arrangement for your home. 

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your home this fall. You can get that same cozy, warm fall feeling in your home just by doing a few simple things here and there.

Try picking one or two things from the list that you can easily do this coming week in your home. I promise your home will start feeling like fall in no time.


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