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5 Must-Have Fall Decor Items You Need For Your Home


Are you decorating your home for fall? Don’t forget to incorporate these 5 must-have fall decor items. They will instantly make your home feel cozier and more like the fall season.

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5 must have fall decor items you need for your home

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Are you ready to decorate your home for fall? This time of year is my absolute favorite and I love to incorporate the looks and feels of the season into my home. 

fall master bedroom decor burnt orange pillows

There are so many ways to add elements of the fall season into your home decor. But I feel like there are a few items that you definitely need if you want your home to feel like fall this year.

If you want to quickly transform your home for the fall season, try adding in these 5 must-have items to your decor.

5 Must-Have Fall Decor Items You Need For Your Home


One of the first things I think of when the fall season comes around is pumpkins. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that pumpkins immediately give off a fall vibe. 

fall floral bunch in white vase with knitted gray pumpkin

There’s definitely different opinions on whether or not to decorate with pumpkins. Some people like to decorate for autumn with just cozy textures and autumn colors.

But, I really like to incorporate pumpkins into my fall decor. I tend to stick with neutral pumpkins or smaller ones to accent with here and there. 

fall shelves decor with white mini pumpkin

It’s also fun to decorate with real pumpkins. A favorite fall decor idea of mine each year is to get a bunch of those mini orange pumpkins and put them in a bowl. 

mini pumpkins in a wooden bowl with greenery and pumpkin in the background

The best way to make any area you’re decorating look a little more like fall is to just add a pumpkin. You can find them just about everywhere when the season rolls around. 

Fall Floral Stems and Greenery

I love to decorate with faux stems and greenery throughout the year. But during the fall season, I like to switch things up and use more seasonal pieces. 

vintage brown distressed vase with fall florals

Fall is the perfect time to bring in more muted and darker colors. It’s also a great time to use more natural, dried, and textured floral stems and greenery. In my opinion, the more texture the better!

fall dining room table decor modern

Look for florals and stems that bring in the natural colors of the season. Brown, tan, burgundy, mauve, and burnt orange are all great colors to look for. 

Pillow Covers

Switching out your pillow covers is a quick and inexpensive way to change your decor for the fall season.

Pillow covers are a lot cheaper than buying all new throw pillows. And they are smaller and easier to store once the season is over.

fall pillow trio on modern gray couch

Look for pillow covers that bring in the natural colors of the season. Go for darker, more muted colors to create that autumn feeling. And also try to find covers that have cozy textures. 

Throw Blankets

Another staple fall decor item is a cozy, chunky throw blanket. Throw blankets are great decor items that are also super practical. As the weather changes through the season, you’ll want to use those cozy throws for warmth. 

Look for throw blankets that are chunky, cozy and have lots of texture. Try to avoid bold patterns and instead look for subtle details in the design of the throw. 

fall decor living room end table with basket and throw blanket

You can drape a throw blanket over a chair or couch to add interest. Or you can casually toss it in a pretty textured basket for both storage and as decor.


I love home decor that’s pretty and practical at the same time. And candles hit both of those boxes. Not only do candles smell amazing, but they look pretty and cozy incorporated into your home decor. 

This time of year I love to incorporate seasonal candles into my decor. I’m obsessed with all of the cozy fall scents and love to burn them throughout the day. The scent of a candle can completely change the feel of your space and make it feel more welcoming. 

black vase with fall leaves and antique candle co candle burning in kitchen

Look for candles with neutral designs. If you want to hide your candle, you can look for decorative candle holders that fit with your decor. 

But obviously look for candles that smell amazing! My favorites are the candles from Antique Candle Co. Not only do their candles smell incredible, but they are nice and pretty and neutral so they fit in with my decor throughout my home.

fall ottoman decor on tray

During the fall I love the Apple Pickin’ scent and the Warm Caramel Crumble scent. But you pretty much can’t go wrong with their candles. 

How many of those items on the list do you already have? I bet you have a few somewhere in your home. Try grabbing a few items and start decorating your home. Try things out and create a new look for the new season. 

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be this big complicated thing. Just add a few must-have fall items here and there and your home will feel cozy, inviting and completely ready for fall. 


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