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Breath of Fresh Air Spring Home Tour


The Breath of Fresh Air Spring Home Tour and see 30 beautiful homes decorated for spring!

All of this crazy cold weather in March has got me looking forward to spring. I’m ready for the winter days to be over and for the warm, sunny spring days to be ahead! I’m sure you’re feeling the same. There’s just something about spring that makes me feel so much better.

I was craving the change that comes with the new season, and I decided to take down all of my mismatched winter decor and start decorating for spring instead.

While it may not be spring here yet, for right now I’m just pretending like it is!

This year, I decided to go simple. I felt like our home needed to breathe after the holidays and the long winter. I didn’t want to drag out tons of “stuff” and fill every surface. Instead, I wanted our home to feel clean, uncluttered and relaxing.

modern living room decorated for spring with bright accent pieces

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If you want to know about any of the sources I used to decorate our spring home, you can find them all below: (Similar items are linked for decor that’s discontinued or unavailable).

I’m joining a bunch of blogger friends for the Breath of Fresh Air Spring Home Tour to share our homes styled for spring. This week-long blog hop is hosted by Mansa from This is Simplicite. If you are just stopping over from Shawna’s home at Willow Bloom Home Blog, welcome! I can’t wait to show you around.

You can see all of the other homes from the Breath of Fresh Air Spring Home Tour at the bottom of his post. You’ll find lots of ideas for decorating your own home!

My favorite thing about spring is all of the fresh flowers and greenery! I can’t wait until everything starts blooming again and all the colors return. But, until then, I have to stick with my indoor and faux plants. And let’s be honest, faux florals and greenery work better for me anyways! I don’t have the best record with plants!

wood and white vase with greenery on a cement side table

Our living room is situated at the top of our stairs as you walk up from the basement. We live in a townhome, so the living room is actually on the second floor.

spring living room decorated with gray couch and modern home decor

This is our favorite place to rest, relax and spend time together.

gray couch in living room with modern classic home decorations and pillows

cat sitting on a window sill

When I first started decorating this space, I had all of my decor items strewn around the floor. I kept trying to combine items and make these pretty vignettes for spring and I was feeling so frustrated. I just couldn’t get it to look “right.”

spring living room decorated with modern traditional classic accents gray furniture

That’s when I decided to start taking away one thing at a time and making things super simple. And while I thought this would make my decor look boring or not well thought out, it actually made it look intentional, simple, and just what I was envisioning for my spring decor!

dark blue and white striped pillow and light blue pattern textured pillow on gray couch with fiddle leaf fig tree

My big fiddle leaf fig tree, affectionately called “Figgy” sits over by the window and anchors the space.

end table with felt basket blue blanket and modern classic home decorations and gray couch

I got this tree two years ago and I’m amazed that I’ve been able to keep it alive and growing for that long. I love it!

The big green leaves on “Figgy” provide some night green color and keep things light and airy for spring.

fiddle leaf fig tree leaves

Over on the side table, I placed some faux greenery stems inside a simple wood and white ceramic vase.

wood and white vase with faux greenery

On the side table, I kept things simple with a spring picture frame and a candle.

end table with felt basket blue blanket and modern classic home decorations

Underneath,  I have a nice big cozy blanket in our felt storage basket, because even though spring is coming, it’s still a little chilly.

dark blue and white striped pillow and light blue pattern textured pillow on gray couch

As usual with the changing of seasons, I like to swap out my pillow covers. I tried to keep the color palette neutral with blues and tans. And I really love the combination! It feels casual and collected.

gray couch with blue textured and pattern pillows and brown lumbar pillow

green and white pillow on a gray chair in a living room

One of the newer pieces of furniture in this room is these modern bookshelves. I was excited to change the shelves up for spring!

white and wood vase with greenery on a cement side table next to a gray chair

modern bookshelf with spring decor in living room

Again I started decorating by adding lots of things and trying to rearrange, but nothing felt right.

bookshelves with home decor and natural woven baskets

So, I just started taking things away and keeping the shelves really simple and open. Once I was done, I loved the result!

trio of spring vases on bookshelf

This new vase is one of my favorite pieces! It’s new for spring this year and I love that it will work in our home year round.

white gold and pink vases textured on a bookshelf

Also, did you spot my mini “Figgy” on the top of these shelves? That one is real too — who am I, and how am I keeping these plants alive?

Those other two plants on the shelves are fakes, but I love the color that they add. Greenery is always my go-to when I decorate a room.

modern home decor on bookshelf in living room traditional

On the other side of the room is our media center with our TV. I have future plans for the wall space above the TV, because it’s looking a little bare. For now, I decided to decorate the open space on the media center with some simple spring items.

TV on top of white modern media center in a living room

blue vase with faux fern and white marble frame and light wooden sculpture on white cabinet

All of these items are new, which is not common for me when it comes to decorating. Usually, I try and reuse a lot of my decor. But I was recently in Homegoods and found this faux potted fern, this light wash wooden sculpture, and this marble picture frame and loved how they looked together!

blue vase with faux fern and white marble frame on white cabinet close up

I think they will also be great additions to my rotating home decor that I can use in multiple different seasons.

blue vase with faux fern and white marble frame and wooden sculpture on white cabinet

My favorite thing about this combination is all of the texture! The vase is this beautiful dark but with a textured finish. And the sculpture is really unique looking. It has a really organic look and is made out of smooth wood. The marble frame has a slightly raised pattern which is hard to see in photos. But overall, it gives it just a little more interest.

blue vase with faux fern and white marble frame on white cabinet

I extended my spring decor slightly onto the other side of the house in the kitchen. I picked up this beautiful, large ceramic crock vase that I’ve been seeing all over Instagram!

white crock vase with eucalyptus greenery in kitchen island

So many bloggers have it filled with beautiful greens all over their house. I just couldn’t resist and I had to get one too! I love it! And I can’t wait to find some really pretty faux olive branches to fill it with next.

decorated console table in a dining room with white board and batten walls

In the dining room, I changed the decor on our console table. I reused all items that I already had to create a simple spring vignette.

decorated console table for spring in a dining room with spring decor

abstract blue circle image in a frame and black modern candle holder

I ended up using a lot of blue, but I think I really like that. Blue is peaceful and relaxing. It works well for almost all of the seasons and I like incorporating it into our home decor.

top of a decorated console table for spring with a large vase and greenery

decorated console table for spring

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our home all decorated for spring!

Be sure to visit my friend Allie next at The Adored Abode!


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    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thanks so much Tanya! So glad I got to be in this tour with you too!

      >> Christene

  1. I am totally in awe of how you styled your home for spring! Your touches of green with the classic crisp white are perfect! Beautiful job!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thank you Mansa! That’s so sweet of you!! So glad to have you here on my blog, and thanks so much for hosting this wonderful spring home tour blog hop 🙂

      >> Christene

    1. Christene Holder says:

      :)! HAHA! Figgy is the best. Somehow I’ve kept him alive this long – and I’m pretty proud of myself.
      Thanks Miranda!

      >> Christene

  2. Christene, I enjoyed your tour so much! Figgy is just amazing, and I adore your throw pillows. The new fern and wood sculpture are beautiful and such a nice combination. And the vases on your bookshelf–ahh! I loved it all! Now if we could just get some springy weather 🙂 Hope you have. bright weekend!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thanks so much Caitlin! 🙂
      I’m so looking forward to the spring weather too! Our homes are all ready! So glad we got to do this spring home tour blog hop together.

      >> Christene

  3. Your home tour was fabulous plus I really enjoyed your photography! Loved joining you on this tour!

  4. Oh my goodness Christene! What lovely spring touches around your home. And that fiddle leaf is the happiest plant I’ve ever seen!

  5. I love how everything is so bright and fresh, but still super cozy and inviting. Happy Spring!

  6. It was great spring home tour Christene. I really enjoyed and loved the way you decorated your home. Thank you.

  7. Ii enjoyed the tour and love your style. I am going for a more simplified style this Spring myself.

  8. I enjoyed the home tour and love your style. I am going for a more simplified style myself this Spring.

  9. Your home is so beautiful Christene! I absolutely love how you style your shelves and all of the greenery you added. Your figgy is gorgeous!! I need to learn your ways. My looks so sad!

  10. Wow, Christene! Your home is beautiful. I especially love all of the textures you’ve brought into your spaces like the board and batten, the pillows, rugs and throws! xoxo

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