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Easy Merry Christmas Banner


Make an easy Merry Christmas banner using the Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker. This pretty banner is perfect for decorating this holiday season.

Welcome to Have Yourself A Very Cricut Christmas: 25 Days of Homemade Holiday Crafts!

Each day in December, I’ll be sharing a new Christmas project that you can make using your Cricut. It’s going to be a blog version of an advent calendar! Come back every day to get a new “gift.”

Today is Christmas day!!!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for following along with this series.

Today’s gift is a Merry Christmas Banner.

Merry Christmas Banner Cricut tutorial project red

Banners make great decorations. They can be displayed on their own or layered with other decorations.

For the last project, I thought I would share something quick that you can make today just in time for Christmas!

You’re going to love this Merry Christmas Banner. Here’s how to make it!

How to Make a Merry Christmas Banner Using The Cricut

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How to Cut Out The Project Using The Cricut

First, you will need to download the Merry Christmas Banner SVG file.

Get the Free Merry Christmas Banner SVG File

Start by opening Cricut Design Space and creating a new project.

Upload the SVG File

Then, upload the SVG file by selecting the Upload button and then Upload Image. Next, drag and drop or select the SVG file you want to upload.

After the SVG is uploaded, add the image to your design canvas.

If you need a little more help uploading SVG files, you can learn more in this post.

The SVG file will already be sized properly for this project.

svg design file Cricut Design Space easy merry Christmas banner

Make It

Now it’s time to make your project!

Click on the Make It button in the upper right of the screen.

The first screen you will see is the Mat Preview Screen. This will show you all of the different mats needed for your project. Each mat represents another piece of material.

Click on the Continue button in the lower right of the screen.

For this project, there is only one material.

mat preview screen Cricut Design Space easy merry Christmas banner

Connect your Cricut machine. Then, adjust the settings as follows.

Material: Medium Cardstock – 80 lb

Pressure: Default

Make sure to set your material to the specific type of paper you are using.

Tools: Fine-Point Blade

Load the light grip cutting mat with the cardstock material into the machine. Then, press the flashing Go button to begin the cutting process.

How to Assemble The Project

Once all of your pieces are cut out, it’s time to assemble the project.

Paper letters Christmas red

Place all of the pieces in order on your work surface.

Merry Christmas paper letters red

Then, flip all of the pieces over but keep them in order. The start of the banner should be on the right side of your work surface and the end of the banner should be on the left side of your work surface.

backward Merry Christmas banner letters and string

Take a piece of string and measure it out to be longer than your banner will be. You want to leave extra string at either end for hanging the banner.

Place the string above the banner pieces on your work surface.

lining up Merry Christmas banner letters

Use a hot glue gun to place some hot glue on the top of the first banner cutout piece. Place the string into the hot glue and press it down with a heat resistant tool until it dries. I used my bone folder.

assembling letters Merry Christmas banner

Continue gluing each piece of the banner to the string, making sure to leave an even space between the pieces.

assembling star on Merry Christmas banner
assembling Merry Christmas banner

Once all of the pieces are attached to the string, your Merry Christmas Banner is ready!

red Merry Christmas banner

This Merry Christmas banner would look great on a staircase with some greenery and garlands.

red merry banner
red Christmas banner

It would also look pretty hanging from a mantle.

red Merry Christmas banner on gray wall

I hope you love this Merry Christmas Banner.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

If you decide to make this project, I would love to see!

Tag me on Instagram. Use the hashtag #25daysofcricut so that we can all see each other’s projects too!

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