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  1. This is amazing! It looks so high end. I love how much character it adds to your room!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thanks so much Jackie! It’s now my favorite room in the house. Sometimes I just stare at the wall (I’m a goof), but really. I am really glad that it turned out so well.

      >> Christene

  2. This wall looks great! My wife and I are attempting to build a similar wall now. I understand that you used wood filler to fill all of the nail holes and caulk to clean up the gaps where the boards met the wall, but what did you use to clean up the gaps where the horizontal boards met the vertical boards? From your pictures it looks like wood filler but I just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thanks Dustin! It’s one of my favorite projects in our house. So glad you are going to do this in your home too. For the gaps between boards (vertical and horizontal) we did just use wood putty and sand it down so it was flush and looked like there wasn’t a gap anymore.

      Hope this helps!
      >> Christene

  3. Hi! We’re about to take on this project and loved what you guys did. How did you handle the gap between the miltered edge of the vertical pieces and the baseboard? Do you have a close up photo you can post? Thank you!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hi Anna! So excited you will be doing a similar project in your home 🙂

      It’s kind of hard to see but you can sort of tell in the last photo with our cat Widget in the background. The mitered edge sort of fits right over our baseboard top. Because the baseboards are slightly decorative and have an angled top. Now, they don’t fit perfectly, obviously. So to fix that we just used wood putty and caulk to fill in the gaps and make it look somewhat seamless. It’s also not really noticeable from a distance. A lot of it is behind furniture in this particular room. The angle helps you eye think the two pieces are fitting together.

      Hope this helps!
      Let me know if you have any other questions
      >> Christene

  4. Pam Miller says:

    Hi. I love this wall! Thank you for the step by step instructions. Can you tell me how many total hours this project took?

    Thank you for the inspiration.


    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hi Pam, Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly how many hours this took us. We tend to do projects over a few days when we have the time. It probably took a few hours to cut and install all of the boards – like an afternoon. And then another afternoon to caulk everything. Then another afternoon to do all the painting.

      >> Christene

  5. Wall looks wonderful! I am planning on doing board & batten walls in our staircase. Trying to figure out how big the squares should be-are yours approximately 2feet square? Thx

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hi Bridget,

      Oooo that would look beautiful. I believe ours are approx 2′ square. But I think we calculated the right sizing based on the wall size. Measure the entire wall and then pick a number of squares you want to have going across that wall. Subtract the size of the boards and then divide to see how big the squares will be. Thay way you don’t have half-squares on your wall. You definitely want to do some math.

      >> Christene

  6. Stefania Perrone says:

    Hi Christene,

    stunning? would it be possible to have the size of the square?
    thank you very much!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hey Stefania! The squares are 20″ x 20″, which was the best size for my particular wall so that each square was equal. I hope this helps.

      >> Christene

  7. Thank you so much for the idea! I LOVE your wall! My husband and I are working on this right now. We are finding that we have high and low spots on the MDF also. When you sanded the MDF, did it change the look of the thickness of the MDF? I’m concerned it will be obvious I sanded down spots. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hey Leslie,
      Nope, we just lightly sanded and didn’t notice any thickness difference.

      >> Christene

  8. Dublin Chandler says:

    How were you able to map out the measurements and squares? Did you use a program to digitally see your plan? I am doing it with two windows on the opposite sides of the wall and I can’t figure out the best measurements. Any recommendations??

  9. Where did you purchase the 2.5” brad nails? I am only able to find brad nails only going up to 2”. I see finishing nails that are 2.5” (for finish nailer) but am having a hard time finding brad nails in that length. Let me me know!

      1. That nail gun looks awesome, I’m looking into getting one to help with doing a similar project on my master bedroom wall. Is the nail gun that you linked able to take those 2.5″ nails? I couldn’t find that information in the product description.

        1. Hi Chelsea,

          I think I had a typo in the post. I’m going to correct that now. It looks like we used 2″ nails with that nail gun which I think is the max size you can use. For our wall specifically, anything larger than 1″ would have worked because that would go through the board and then the wall as well.

          Sorry about that mistake. Hope this helps!
          >> Christene

  10. Taylor Bonawitz says:

    Hello! I am curious about the 2.5″ brad nails that you mentioned. Where did you purchase these at? I cannot seem to find brad nails above 2″. I only see finish nails in the 2.5″ length.

  11. Looks amazing. Wondering if your walls were textured? I would like to try, but I am afraid I will need to cover the whole wall first to cover the texture.

    1. Hello, I have the same question.
      Did you smooth your walls first?

  12. Samantha Hammock says:

    Did you only use brad nails where the batten crossed the studs in the wall behind the sheetrock (I see you used glue as well)?

  13. My husband and I are wanting to do this to our wall. Were your walls textured?

    1. Hi Melissa,

      No our walls were not textured. If your walls are textured, you may want to use actual boards on top of your walls that have a flat finish. That’s the traditional way to do board and batten

      >> Christene

  14. Did you have any vertical boards not hit a stud? If so did they hold okay with just the glue?

  15. Fabulous post!! I did a similar wall in my bedroom…but wished I had seen this first. Lots of good tips!!

  16. I want to know, how were the 2 spacer pieces held to the wall or did you just hold and mark the wall once lined up?

    1. Hi – we just held it up and marked the wall. Sometimes it would also just balance on the other installed boards so that we could place the next piece. Hope that makes sense
      >> Christene

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