How to Make Your Home Feel Cozy for Christmas with Twinkle Lights


Make your home feel warm and cozy this Christmas by adding twinkle lights. Create a festive glow in your home using light up decor. 

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how to make your home feel cozy for christmas with twinkle lights

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Who else is so ready for Christmas this year? I’m raising my hand right there with you!

This year has been difficult for so many people everywhere. Now that it’s getting darker earlier, it’s hard to be stuck in your home. 

Thankfully, the Christmas season is just around the corner. I think we all need a little Christmas cheer in our lives right now.

One of my favorite mood-setters in our home during the Christmas season is turning on twinkle lights at night. It’s such an easy way to create a cozy vibe during the cold winter nights. 

This year, I’m taking extra time to plan out all of the twinkle lights in our home. I want to add even more than ever to really make our home feel festive and cozy. 

I’ve curated a list of my favorite twinkle light decor pieces for Christmas this year. All of my favorites will be in a shoppable collection at the end of this post, so don’t miss it! 

If you need some ideas for how to add even more lights into your home this year, keep reading. I’ve got 5 ideas for how you can make your home cozy this Christmas with twinkle lights.

5 Ways To Make Your Home Cozy for Christmas with Twinkle Lights

Add Twinkle Lights to Your Garland

Garland is a festive way to decorate your home. Whether you add it to your stairs, your mantle, or anywhere else, garland makes your home feel lush and cozy for the holidays. 

You can bump up the coziness by adding some twinkle lights to your garland. 

christmas garland at night with twinkle lights

Look for garlands that have lights built in. Or you can buy a set of battery operated fairy lights and weave them into your garland. 

When the sun goes down, turn on your twinkle lights and you’ll get to enjoy your garland even longer! 


Create Festive Glowing Decor Displays

I love creating Christmas decor displays around my home. I have pieces that I use every year, and I also try and add a few things to my collection from time to time. 

Decor displays can be an arrangement of any Christmas decor around your home. I like to make my displays last into the night by adding twinkle lights or fairy lights

You can create a warm glow by adding lights under items like ceramic Christmas village houses, luminaries, or a nativity set.

Another trick to add light into your decor displays is by using a candle holder with a light inside.

christmas nativity set lit up on a self at night

I like to use battery operated tea lights or strings of fairy lights.

You can also look for decor that already has lights built in, like a light up Christmas village house, or a light up bottle brush tree set. 

merry christmas wooden sign at night with lit up christmas wooden houses

Anything that can hide lights inside will work perfectly! Then when it starts to get dark, all of your decor display will glow and make your home feel extra cozy. 


Put Candles in Your Windows

This idea is a tradition from when I was growing up. My parents used to put plug-in light up candles in each of the windows of our home. They would all be on timers so once the sun went down, the candles would turn on.

I loved the glow of the candles throughout the home, but especially in my room at night. They just made everything feel warm and cozy. 

Now, I’ve continued the tradition in my own home. But, instead of plug-in candles, we have wireless battery operated candles.

I picked up a set for all of the windows in our home and I love how they look during the Christmas season. 

You can spot one of the candles in the window behind the fiddle leaf fig tree. 

christmas home at night with twinkle lights and candle in the window

Not only do window candles make your home look festive from the outside, but you get to enjoy the warm glow from the inside too!

Try adding candles to your windows this year. I know you will love it!


Put up Extra Trees with Twinkle Lights 

Who says you can only have one tree? Sure the room with your Christmas tree is going to feel cozy because of the twinkle lights on the tree. But what about the other rooms in your home?

Add some pre-lit mini trees in different spaces in your home. There are all kinds of different styles, so you can find something that will fit with your decor. 

christmas garland at night with twinkle lights and console table with mini tree

If you want a more traditional look, find a full mini tree.

Or you can go for a minimal look and get a tree of twinkle light branches. Both are beautiful and will give you that cozy glow.


Add Even More Twinkle Lights to Your Tree

You can never have too many lights in my opinion!

Obviously you already have lights on your main Christmas tree. My advice – add even more lights! 

christmas tree at night with twinkle lights

If you have a real tree, try adding multiple strands of lights. Either keep them the same, or do coordinating light sets. 

If you have a pre-lit tree, add more lights on top of those lights. Your tree is going to glow!

christmas tree at night with bells in the foreground and twinkle lights

I like to use the regular Christmas string lights as a base set. Then, I like to add in more festive sets on top of that.

I love the ones that look like little candles on your tree. If you want a traditional look, those are going to be beautiful.

These bubble lights are my favorite. They are another tradition from when I was growing up.

My parents bought me a set for my mini tree in my room. I love that they have a vintage vibe, and it’s so cool to watch the light bubble and glow!

If you’ve never seen these before, grab a set for your home. You’re going to love them.

I hope that this was helpful if you are trying to make your home feel cozier this Christmas season.



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