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Inspiration for an Industrial Masculine Office


Some great finds to make an office any man will love!

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I shared previously our first steps for creating Ben’s office space when we made the pallet wall. We are just getting started creating a comfortable space for Ben by gathering ideas and inspiration. Ben has wanted a dedicated office space where he can organize his things and work on his computer. So when we moved into the house, we decided that the second guest bedroom would become Ben’s office. Ben’s style is very minimal, but he likes industrial accents and wood tones. After brainstorming together for how we wanted the room to look and function, we came up with three key elements for an industrial masculine office space.

A Modern Desk as a Workspace

The first and most important part of Ben’s office is a workspace. Unlike myself, who will sit on any comfy surface with my laptop, Ben prefers to sit at a traditional desk. He feels most comfortable when he can use a physical mouse and also have room to spread out whatever he is working on. A desk was a logical piece of the office.

Ben picked out this desk when we were living in our apartment and he loves it. The whole desk is two pieces, which form an L-shape, so it fits perfectly in the corner of the office between the two windows. Because the desk is glass and a minimal design, there isn’t a lot of storage inside of it. Some industrial wire baskets, like this one from Target’s Industrial Shop, are perfect for holding small items and grouping things together in a stylish way.

A Comfortable Reading and Relaxing Area

Ben loves to read! It’s one of the ways that he likes to relax. We own this bookshelf and it’s filled with tons of Ben’s books. I think that these gear bookends are a practical item that Ben can use for all of his books and will also fit in well with the office style.

I talked about our plans for a daybed in the office space when we built our pallet wall. The daybed will be both extra space for guests and a great relaxing reading spot for Ben. I think that this neutral quilt, also from Target’s Industrial Shop, will look great against the pallet wall and won’t clash with the texture from the wood. What good is a reading nook without some comfy pillows? This geometric square pillow and this striped accent pillow look so comfortable for leaning on while reading a good book.

Personal Elements

One of Ben’s hobbies is photography, so an obvious solution for wall art is to frame some of his photos. These minimal black frames will help his photos to stand out as focal pieces in his office. Our friends from church got Ben into playing darts as a hobby, so for Christmas he asked for this dartboard. He’s even been teaching me how to play. It will be a fun aspect to his office space. Finally, I saw this key figure in Target’s Industrial Shop and thought it would be perfect for Ben’s desk. It also is a cute nod to my blog!

So what do you think of our initial plans for Ben’s office space? I’m excited to start painting and pulling together a space that Ben can feel relaxed and comfortable in.


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