The Best Cozy Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home in 2023

The Christmas season is here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and also one of the best seasons for decorating.

The tradition of Christmas decorating is something that I look forward to each year. I love to make our home feel cozy and festive with all of the holiday decor.

This page will be your guide to the best Christmas decorating ideas for your home. From popular Christmas decor ideas for 2023 to the best Christmas decorating tips.

Trends for Christmas 2023

This year is all about a return to the classic, traditional nostalgia of Christmas. From warm, cozy colors and textures to beautiful metallic accents. Everything about this Christmas season just feels like a cozy hug from the past.

To keep things fresh, try mixing traditional elements with a few new, modern pieces as well. Also add some life into your decor by incorporating lots of natural elements and materials. Think Christmas greenery, wood tones, and pretty candles.

When to Start Decorating For Christmas?

The best time to start decorating for Christmas is the weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Each year, Christmas gets pushed on us earlier and earlier. And while that can be fun, it can also be too much of a good thing.

Instead of putting up all the decorations at the beginning of November, give yourself time to savor the remaining fall season.

I like to start planning my Christmas decor during the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Use this time to take down your fall decor and give your home a quick clean. You can also sort through your existing Christmas decor and order any new decor that you need for the upcoming holiday season.

By creating a plan during the end of fall, you’ll be ready to start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving. And you won’t feel rushed going into the holiday season.

Christmas Decor Tips

Before you can start decorating for Christmas, it’s a good idea to do a few things to get your home prepared.

Clean Your Home

First, set aside time to remove all fall or other seasonal decorations and give you home a good clean. Be sure to do this before you want to start decorating to make putting up your Christmas decor much easier and less overwhelming.

Take an Inventory of Christmas Decor

Next, you’ll want to see what Christmas decor you already have. Part of the fun and tradition of decorating for Christmas is reusing your decor year after year. But, you may also want to add a few new pieces each year.

It’s helpful to take inventory of what you already have. See what condition your decorations are in and look for anything that’s damaged or needs to be replaced.

Make a list of what you currently have as well as a wish list for anything new you want to add.


Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Most Popular Christmas Decor

If you are looking for the best Christmas decorations, you’re in the right place. This section includes some of my favorites this year of the most popular Christmas decorations. These Christmas decorations are timeless, classic, and traditional.

Christmas Trees

Our Traditional Fresh Christmas Tree 

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mcgee and co Christmas greenery wreath on door with black bells

Christmas Wreaths

pine and eucalyptus Christmas garland with hanging gold bells on staircase

Christmas Garlands

Home Sweet Home Garland

Holiday Tidings Garland

Directional Garland

Fake Cedar Greenery Garland

Christmas Garland

Pine and Eucalyptus Christmas Garland

Create the look of fresh Christmas garland in your home by layering faux pine garland with faux eucalyptus.

Christmas Stems and Floral

Christmas Throw Pillows and Blankets

Christmas Decor and Accents

Christmas Candles

Christmas Artwork 

handmade noah bell garland hanging on staircase leading up to Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Ornaments

100+ Unique Christmas Ornaments from Amazon

DIY Christmas Fireplace Ornament

natural wooden joy figurine Christmas decor

Where to Buy Christmas Decor

Once the holiday season starts, you can find Christmas decor almost anywhere. But there are a few stores that I recommend where I’ve found some of my home decor favorites.
Here are some of my favorite stores to shop for the best Christmas decor.

Amazon Christmas Decor Finds

Some of my favorite finds for this fall season. Shop links below or click on the button to shop my Amazon Storefront for Christmas.