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Small Mudroom and Entryway Design Plan


See the full design plan for our small mudroom and entryway. This organized and intentional space will be the perfect entry zone for our home.

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small mudroom and entryway design plan

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Does your home have an entryway? 

Some homes have a dedicated space as an entry or a mudroom. But in our townhome, there’s no real entry to our home. 

Technically the area by our front door is an entry, but we almost never use our front door. It faces a sidewalk in our neighborhood and a small grassy area. And no one walks from the driveway around to the front door. 

Instead, they just come in the door in the garage. That’s the door that we use the most so it’s become the new entry zone in our home.

But when you walk in, there’s no space to set your things down or take off your shoes.

Instead, you’re immediately in my office. And because there are no real drop areas here, all of the things end up in my office and the room becomes cluttered fast. 

white craft table in home office craft room built-in desk and bookshelves

We’ve tried in the past to create a makeshift mudroom area. But it never really worked the way we wanted. I always just had some random furniture that sort of worked but wasnt a long-term solution.

Here’s a really bad cell phone photo of one setup that we had in this space.

old mudroom setup

I knew that we needed a real entry and mudroom area in our home. Somewhere that could be a drop zone for all of the things we bring into the house.

So, I started planning to create a small mudroom and entryway along this wall in our home. Here’s the photo of the wall before we moved into the house.

empty wall with doors mudroom

It’s not very big, but it’s enough space to create a compact mudroom area. Somewhere that we can take off our shoes, hang up bags and coats, and set down the mail. 

Here’s the design that I came up with.

Small Mudroom and Entryway

mudroom design plan mood board modern home

The main goal for this space is to be an area with built-in systems to help us stay organized when we come and go from our home. 

By creating systems, I’m hoping to keep this area more organized and also contained so things don’t overflow into my office anymore. 

Storage For Shoes

When we first come into the house, I would love to have a place where we can sit down, take off our shoes, and hang up coats and bags. 

I want to build a simple modern bench here that will have room underneath for storage baskets. We can drop our shoes in the baskets so they are out of the way and hidden, but still easily accessible. 

On the floor, I’m going to use an indoor outdoor rug that can stand up to a high traffic area. This runner rug will also help protect the floors in this room, which are carpet, from all of the dirt we drag in from the outdoors. 

Storage For Bags and Coats 

I love the look of these simple modern hooks. They will be perfect for hanging up bags, keys, and coats.

I’ve always wanted to have somewhere to easily store essentials and hooks will make everything easier. They are so much simpler to maintain as a system for a family than hangers in a closet. 

Command Center

We have never had a mudroom or drop zone area in our home. So, to make sure we have storage space I want to add a small cabinet next to the bench. This can act like a command center for our home.

I also want to add a simple, neutral bulletin board to really create that command center feel for this space. 

Since this is the space right before we leave our home, it will be nice to have a full-length mirror here. That way we can check our outfits, hair, or whatever before we leave the house. 

Extra Storage

Finally, above the hooks, I want to add a simple floating shelf. It will give us even more space for storage if I find some cute bins to put up there.

I’m not sure if I will just have storage boxes on the shelf or if I’ll also style it a little. I might end up doing a combination of both. 

If you can’t tell, the theme of this space is storage. 

Storage is one thing we really lack in this small townhome. But by getting creative, we’ve been able to add lots of different storage options throughout our home.

I can’t wait for this space to come together. It’s one of those areas I’ve been putting off, but also one that we need systems for the most.  


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