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Fall Decorating Ideas


The Best Fall Decorating Ideas for your Home in 2023

Welcome to my Fall Home Tour. 

Enjoy this virtual tour of my home decorated for the fall season, and I hope that you find some ideas and inspiration for your own home. 

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. It’s like a fresh start! 

I love when the weather gets cooler and you can start wearing cozier, layered clothes. I tend to think of my home in a similar way.

Normally, my decor during the spring and summer is pretty minimal. But once fall comes, I like to do a refresh of my home decor and bring out all of the cozy pieces. 

As the years go on, I find myself gravitating towards more minimal fall decor. Instead of going all out with themed decor and pumpkins everywhere, I am bringing in more natural elements of the season. 

I think it’s also important to try and use decor that you already have. Lots of decor pieces can be used during multiple seasons. 

Most of the decor you can see throughout my fall home tour can be used in other seasons of the year while still creating a warm and cozy feeling for the fall. 

Buying decor that can span multiple seasons of the year saves money and time. You don’t have to go out and buy all new things every season. Focus on using what you have and investing in multi-purpose decor pieces.  

Today, I’m taking you on a tour through my home decorated for fall. As usual, this home tour post is picture heavy! So grab your favorite warm drink and get cozy.

Let’s start the tour! 

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Fall Living Room Decor

Here’s how I decorated our living room for fall.

Earthy Colors and Warm Tones for Fall

One of the best parts of the fall season is incorporating some of the rich colors and tones into your home. This season, I wanted to bring in some warmer, earthy colors and tones. 

I did this through some decor pieces, but the most obvious pieces are the pillow covers on my couch.

Throw pillows can help bring in texture and softness to your spaces. And they are a great way to bring in the colors and textures of a season. 

An easy way to change your living room decor is by swapping the pillow covers. Just use the same inserts year round but switch out the covers to get a different look.

I shared in a previous post all about throw pillow covers and the best inserts to use. There you’ll find all the information you need about affordably swapping your pillow covers for the different seasons. 

For fall this year, I decided to get a few new pillow covers to incorporate the colors for this  season. You can shop my new pillow covers for fall below.

If you’re looking for even more fall pillow covers for your home, I did an entire post just about fall throw pillow covers. Click on the button below to see that post.

Dried Preserved Grasses and Leaves for Fall

Another way I incorporated the feeling of fall into my home is by swapping some of my greenery and floral stems. I incorporated more muted, fall color dried stems and leaves. 

Look for dried, preserved natural branches, and realistic looking leaves when shopping for fall stems. 

Mixed Eucalyptus Bouquet

I like to use faux florals and stems throughout my home, and these days you can find some really beautiful and realistic looking options. You can shop some of my favorite fall stems below. 

Fall TV Artwork

I also added some TV art to our smart TV. I think this is a great way to dress up your TV and help it blend with your seasonal home decor. 

You don’t have to have Frame TV to display TV art. You can do this with just about any smart TV. Check out this post from Caitlin Marie Design for how to display TV art. 

This specific fall tv artwork was found on Etsy. You can find so many beautiful art options for very affordable prices. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite options for you to shop from below.

Textured and Neutral Pumpkins for Fall

When I used to decorate our home for fall, I went all out with the pumpkins. As my style has evolved and changed, I’ve toned down a lot of the fall themed decor and instead incorporated a lot of elements that can easily transition to other seasons. 

It’s a lot more practical to have home decor that can work for more than one season.

However, I do still love a few pumpkins here and there to celebrate fall. These days, I try to incorporate more neutral and textural pumpkin pieces. I think these ones look great on my shelves. 

I also have another neutral, fabric pumpkin over on the media center. 

I think a few pumpkins sprinkled throughout your home can be fun for the fall season. But there’s no need to spend tons of money on hundreds of pumpkins to make your home feel like fall. 

Stoneware Vases for Fall

I always like to keep an eye out for neutral stoneware and other natural looking pottery. These types of vases and bowls can be used all year round, but can also be incorporated in your fall decor. 

I had this beautiful neutral stone vase that I like to use all year, but by putting some fall stems inside it instantly was perfect for my fall living room.

I also added a smaller, rich red color vase. The color is beautiful for fall and reflects some of the other richer earth tones that I’ve incorporated in the room. 

Fall Dining Room Decor

Now let’s go over to the dining room.

This space has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. But, I finally feel like it’s become a finished space.

One of the spaces I love to decorate for each season is our staircase. I think it’s a fun place to display a banner or garland.

I have collected a few different garlands for the seasons. And my daughter loves to see which one is going up. 

Natural Textures and Materials for Fall

This year I found a cute knit pumpkin garland. It’s neutral enough to fit with the rest of my decor, but also is a fun nod to the season.

I love the texture of the knit yarn – it’s so cozy! 

Again I swapped out some greenery for fall stems. I also created a fall vignette on this console table. 

Another way to add some natural texture was by bringing in a reeded box. This is a piece again that I used year-round, but I think it works perfectly for a fall decor vignette. Look for decor pieces with texture and ones that are made from natural materials. 

I also love to add a throw blanket with some color or pattern for the season. This season, I used this deep red cozy throw blanket in the basket under our console table.

I found this cozy pumpkin pillow on Amazon this year. It’s the perfect dupe for an expensive one I saw at Pottery Barn. It has almost a boucle type of fabric exterior which again is so cozy for the chilly weather during the fall.

I layered it with a few other fall pillows on the dining room storage bench. 

You can grab one for your home below.

Fall Vintage Artwork

On the dining room shelves, not much has really changed. But that just shows you that you don’t have to change everything in your home to incorporate some decor for the season.

I added a simple ceramic pumpkin on top of one of the book stacks.

I also swapped the art print for this beautiful neutral oak leaf art print. It has a vintage feel to it and is neutral enough that it goes with the rest of my shelf decor.

Etsy is my favorite place to find fall vintage artwork. There are so many beautiful and affordable prints that you can find for just a few dollars. Just download them to your computer and print them off at home for easy, cheap artwork. 

Here are some of my favorite fall art prints you can find on Etsy.

Fall Bedroom Decor

Fall Decorative Accents

The last stop on this fall home tour is the master bedroom. In this space, I decided to add a few fall decor pieces here and there to bring in some of the colors and textures of the season.

On the bed, I swapped out my pillow covers for some deeper fall color euro covers. Then I layered in a smaller pillow in front with a patterned pillow cover

On the shelves, I just switched out a few pieces here and there to give it a new look. But I used mostly items and decor that I already had just in a new way.

On top I have a cozy candle burning from Antique Candle Co. If you have never tried their candles before, check them out! They all smell amazing and they are definitely my favorite candle company. 

Around the room I added some fall floral stems in muted colors and a few more vintage fall printable artwork that I found on Etsy. You can find the tapestry artwork here and the landscape artwork here.

Decor like fall leaves, stems, and textured branches look beautiful and help to create that feeling of fall in your home. 

Accent Chair

I hope you enjoyed this fall home tour and feel inspired to decorate your home for this season. Remember, you don’t have to go out and buy all new things. You can use multi-purpose decor throughout your home to bring in the colors, textures, and feelings of fall in your home. 

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