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West Elm Harmony Chair and a Half Review


If you are looking for the most comfortable oversized chair, you will love the Harmony chair and a half from West Elm. This chair has a modern, clean design and is super comfortable.

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west elm Harmony chair in modern home office tan

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One of my biggest wish list items for my home office was to have a big comfy reading chair. A place where I can curl up and relax in the morning with my coffee. Or brainstorm what I’m working on for our home or my blog.

harmony accent chair in the color ash from west elm with throw pillows

I love working at my desk, but sometimes I also like to work while sitting on our couch upstairs. I wanted to be able to have a smaller space, like an oversized chair, where I can relax in my office.

So I started looking for the perfect chair. But not just any chair, I was looking for an oversized chair. The ones that are sometimes called “a chair and a half.”

I wanted a chair that would be big enough for me to curl up on with a blanket. I also wanted it to be super comfortable because I’d be spending lots of time there. And I don’t want something that’s just sort of comfortable. I wanted the most comfortable chair I could find!

So I started researching comfortable oversized chairs and it took me a lot longer than I was expecting to find one that I was confident enough to buy.

West Elm Harmony Chair and a Half

Eventually, I landed on the Harmony chair from West Elm. It definitely falls in the category of “splurge” but in my opinion, it’s worth it!

blue pattern poufs in front of the harmony accent chair in the color ask from west elm

I thought it would be helpful to share what I was looking for in an oversized chair and why I decided on the Harmony chair as “the one” for my space.

There were lots of things that I considered when looking for my chair. I knew it was going to be an investment furniture piece that I would want to last a long time in our home.

If you do a quick search for accent chairs, you are going to get hundreds of results. There were so many chairs to look through, that it was overwhelming.

What helped me narrow it doesn’t was to set some guidelines and specifics for what I was looking for.

blue pattern poufs and harmony accent chair color ash from west elm

Important Features To Look For


I wanted a chair with a clean design style. Something modern, but still casual. I didn’t want anything stuffy or tufted because that doesn’t really go well with the style of my office space.

pink throw pillow on the harmony oversized chair and a half from west elm

I was looking for something with clean lines and a timeless shape.

blue pouf and the harmony accent chair from west elm modern chair


My office is a little more feminine than the rest of our house. So I wanted to find a fabric and color that would compliment the feel of that space.

I decided on the marled microfiber fabric in the color ash. I ordered a few samples before making my decision, but eventually, I loved the color and feel of the microfiber best.

It’s stain resistant, low maintenance, and feels soft.

harmony oversized chair and a half from west elm in the color ash

The color was just a personal preference, but I knew I wanted to go lighter in my office space. After looking at a few “gray” samples, I thought that the ash was the best fit for the space. It’s a very light gray with some brown undertones.


I love the size of this chair! I was a little worried when I first measured it out in this space. It’s definitely a large chair — it’s technically a “chair and a half.” But that’s what makes it so perfect. There’s lots of room to curl up and relax.

blue pattern poufs in front of the harmony accent chair from west elm color ash

I decided to angle it in this space near the window to make it fit the best. It’s a little different than a normal furniture placement, but I think it works for this room.


The cushions for this chair are a mix of poly filled and down filled. They are really comfortable but do require some fluffing from time to time to keep their shape. It was important to me that I found a chair with down cushions because I wanted something that would be super comfortable. And this chair does not disappoint. It’s perfect for curling up and relaxing!

pink and blue striped throw pillows on the harmony oversized chair and a half from west elm

The one thing I did replace was the pillows that came with the chair. There were two matching throw pillows that I got rid of because they just weren’t very nice. Honestly, I think they were cheaply filled and I much prefer the feather throw pillow inserts that I normally use around my house.

blue poufs and harmony oversized accent chair from west elm with accessories

I grabbed a few spare pillow inserts and some cute pillow covers to replace the ones that came with the chair. I think it looks so much better and the pillows are so much more comfortable.

pink throw pillow and blue striped throw pillow on the harmony oversized chair and a half from west elm


The price for this chair was definitely what I’d consider a splurge. I’m a bargain hunter for basically everything, and spending a lot of money on a piece of furniture makes me nervous. But, I knew that I wanted something that was high quality and would last a long time. And honestly, I wanted to treat myself for my office space.

My Review

Overall, I’m so happy with my new office chair. Would I buy it again now that I’ve lived with it for a while? Definitely! It’s been such a great chair for this space and a nice place for me to sit down and relax.

blue pattern poufs in front of the harmony chair from west elm in modern office

I love my new West Elm chair and a half for my office. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Now, if you need me, I’ll be curled up on my new comfy chair with a blanket.

patterned pink and navy fleece throw blanket in striped basket

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  1. I love the chair!! But id really like know where you got the poofs!! I have been looking everywhere for exactly these kind of poofs!!

  2. Thanks for this post. We are looking to get the Harmony sofa in the same fabric as you (marled microfiber in Ash). I am wondering how the fabric has held up over time. Also, it’s hard to tell if the fabric is more grey or taupe. How would you say it reads in-person?

    Thanks so much or your input!

    1. Hi Samantha! I love that chair so much – it’s still really cozy and the fabric has held up really well. I’ve had to scrub it a few times because my cat has gotten onto it and it looks just as good as new. I would say it’s a little more gray in person. But it def goes a little both ways. It’s grayer than it is taupe if that helps HAHA

      Hope you love it too!
      >> Christene

  3. Hi Cristene! Do you think this chair would hold up under high use? Like every day hours of use?! I’m looking for a chair and a half that will be in a a space right in front of the tv & therefor fought after. I worry the partly down cushions will lose shape after a while. Thank you!

    1. I think so. I use it all the time – it’s my morning spot to drink coffee, read, work on my laptop, etc. I do notice that the back cushion gets a little squished, but I just fluff it back up just like any other pillow and it comes right back. I’ve had it for a while now and it’s still going strong.

      >> Christene

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