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  1. Maureen McAleavey says:

    I’m interested in knowing how the cabinets are holding up? I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets but wonder if the durability would last..

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hi Maureen!
      The cabinets have been holding up really well so far. I’m not very hard on them because they are for a desk. But I do use the drawers etc almost every day. I haven’t had any problems so far with paint chipping or anything. I actually just dragged my nails over one of the cabinet fronts and no chipping! So I’ve been really happy with them so far.

      >> Christene

  2. Inge Hamilton says:

    Hi Christene,

    How did you determine the proper consistency for the paint?

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hi Inge, The paint sprayer that I purchased had instructions for the paint consistency.

      >> Christene

  3. Did you paint the interior or the cabinets? I’d like to paint my IKEA kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts. Thanks!

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hey Katie – no I did not paint the interiors. I left those white.

      >> Christene

  4. What was the paint color and brand used for the navy cabinets? Thanks

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Hi Chris – it’s Rush Hour by Behr Marquee

      >> Christene

  5. If I don’t have a paint sprayer, could I use a roller and brush to do everything? Or would it be very evident (brush strokes, etc)?

    1. I would use a small roller as much as you can to minimize the brush strokes. I think it would still look good – just try to use a roller because that’s what will help hide the paint strokes.

      >> Christene

  6. Jessica Yifrach says:

    Hi there! Thanks for this tutorial! I am about to paint the same cabinets from IKEA. I’m curious, did you also sand the base cabinets before painting?

    1. Hi! Yes I did sand the base cabinets as well. I think I just forgot to put that in my tutorial.

      >> Christene

  7. Hi! What is the reason not to use the paint sprayer for the base cabinets as well? Why stick to just the drawer fronts? Thanks!

    1. Hi Molly,

      Honestly I’m not sure HAHA I don’t know if I just didn’t want to deal with taping off the parts I didn’t want to paint and the hardware. I didn’t paint the inside of the base cabinets. I think in hindsight it probably would have been better to spray them.

      >> Christene

  8. Hello! I was wondering how these have held up over the last 2 years? We are thinking of doing something similar in our kitchen remodel but are not sure how it will hold up with heavy use.

  9. Annaliese says:

    I am wanting to add Sketion cabinets to a floating desk area however the depth of the nook is 23.5″ I’m wondering if the cabinets have an 1″ in the back that I could cut off with my table saw before assembling? I could just build from scratch but would love to save the time there!

  10. Hi there! Loving reading about your projects and getting so much inspiration! How did you connect the cabinets together and did you attach them to the wall, or are they all kind of freestanding? Thanks!

    1. Hi! So they are kind of freestanding, but I did attach them to the wall. There’s a spot in the back and hardware that comes with the cabinets to help you attach them to the wall. I did not attach them to one another – between the big tall cabinets and the lower desk ones.

      >> Christene

  11. Hi Christene – your finishes cabinets look as they were painted at the industrial facilities. Did you sand after you primed them before you applied a first coat of paint? did you had an issue with tiny, tiny grains that formed after primer was applied? As I just sanded doors with 400 fine sand paper, the surfaces were so nice and smooth but after one coat of primer on all doors I have a small, tiny grains… thinking about sanding them down prior paint application…. please advice. Also how do you how to dilute your paint with water, how did you calculate a proper consistency?

    1. Hi Lana,

      Yes I would sand again after the primer and do a second coat of primer. Sometimes that can happen with the wood where you will get those tiny bumps.

      To dilute the paint, I use the instructions for the specific paint sprayer that I used. They had instructions and a testing funnel. So whichever sprayer you use should have information in a booklet or online for how to dilute paint.

      Hope this helps.


  12. I’m living for your tutorial here…. I’m interested in how the finish would look had you not sprayed the primer and used the brush or roller for this step like you suggested. Obviously, it’s a must if I’m using this primer, but do you think it will still come out smooth after sprayer of the top of the brushed primer??

  13. floetrol is a great additive for eliminating brush strokes, better than water.
    shellac based primers use alcohol as the solvent, not water or oil solvents. alcohol has a strong smell and should be used in a well-ventilated area, but it is not as toxic to inhale as oil paint fumes. get a large can of 90% isopropyl alcohol for clean up.

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