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New 2022 Studio McGee Target Christmas Collection


The Best Finds from the New Christmas 2022 Studio McGee Collection at Target

The new Studio McGee Target Christmas 2022 collection is available now! It’s the perfect way to add some holiday cheer and accents into your home.

Studio McGee’s Christmas collection is filled with cozy colors, luxe textures, and tons of nostalgia for Christmas past.

new studio mcgee target christmas 2022

In this post, you’ll find an overview of the new Christmas 2022 collection, including my favorite pieces, tips, and more!

Studio McGee’s Target line is affordable and filled with beautiful pieces like decor, accessories, Christmas ornaments, and more!

Each piece is designed with Shea McGee’s clean, fresh style in mind. And with each new collection launched, you’ll find new design trends.

This season, the Studio McGee Target collection is all about bringing back the nostalgia of Christmas. From warm textures and colors, to luxe ornaments and natural greenery, this collection has all the best elements of Christmas. 

the best finds from the new christmas 2022 studio mcgee collection at target

You can shop the full Studio McGee Christmas 2022 collection at Target here, and keep reading to see some of my favorite pieces. 

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. For more information, see my disclosures here.

Here’s a selection of what you’ll find in the new Studio McGee collection for Christmas 2022. I’ve included all of my favorite pieces below. 

studio mcgee target christmas decor
studio mcgee target art
studio mcgee target christmas throw pillows

Studio McGee Christmas Collection Decor

When each new Studio McGee Target collection is released, I always look forward to the decor pieces and accents. This season, there are some very unique Christmas decorations that will go with just about any home style.

You can expect to see lots of decorative trees, muted greens, natural elements, and vintage nods with the decor this holiday season.

target studio mcgee collection christmas

For this Christmas season, I’m loving all of the classic Christmas colors, cozy pieces, and vintage details that remind me of Christmas in my childhood.

Studio McGee Christmas Collection Art

The artwork in this collection is perfect for the decorating during the Christmas season and through the rest of winter.

None of the pieces really scream Christmas, so they can easily transition into winter once your Christmas decor comes down.

All of the pieces can be layered together or stand beautifully on their own. 

threshold studio mcgee

Studio McGee Christmas Collection Pillows

The most fun aspect of each new Studio McGee collection is seeing all of the new throw pillows. They are designed to pair together to create an intentionally collected look. 

studio mcgee target christmas pillows

The McGee and Co shop always has the most beautiful throw pillow covers. I love being able to incorporate some of that designer style into my home this holiday season at a more affordable price point. 

Studio McGee Collection Christmas Ornaments

This collection includes some really beautiful and high-end looking Christmas ornaments. So if you are looking to add some new ornaments to your family collection this year, there are so many great pieces to choose from.

studio mcgee target christmas ornaments

My favorites are the Studio McGee velvet ornaments. These sets include a variety of sizes in rich, classic Christmas colors.

studio mcgee target christmas ornaments

I love personally love all of the gold mixed with the rich red and green tones. Everything feels so cozy, warm, and inviting.

Studio McGee Collection Christmas Stockings

Also included in this collection is a set of Christmas stockings. If you are looking for some new stockings this year, or some really gorgeous stocking holders, look no further.

studio mcgee target christmas stockings

There’s lots of natural textile materials, and classic colors and patterns.

studio mcgee target christmas stockings

Studio McGee Collection Christmas Trees, Garlands, and Greenery

Since this is a Christmas and holiday collection, there are tons of natural greenery pieces. All of the pieces created for the collection include natural looking greenery in muted, realistic colors.

While there isn’t a full sized Christmas tree, there are some smaller decorative trees.

The collection also includes some gorgeous Christmas wreaths. My absolute favorite is the asymmetrical mixed greenery wreath.

studio mcgee target christmas greenery christmas garlands christmas trees

Decorating with the Studio McGee Christmas Collection from Target

When I decorate our home, I try to create a mix of modern, classic, and organic decor and furniture. 

I want my home to look intentionally collected, timeless, and beautiful. This helps to make our home look cozy and inviting while still looking stylish. 

how do you get the studio mcgee look for less

One of my biggest inspirations when it comes to interior design is Shea McGee! She’s mastered the modern, classic, organic look. And her designs always balance a bright, fresh aesthetic with warmth and traditional elements.  

I love incorporating pieces from each Studio McGee Target collection into my home. The pieces fit with just about any style and can easily transition throughout the seasons.

Because the pieces in the collection are so affordable, they can be used for a variety of different purposes. 

nightstand decorated for christmas with spode mug and mcgee and co vase with christmas greenery

Want a quick decor refresh? Grab a few decor pieces from the Studio McGee collection.

Want a full room makeover? The Studio McGee collections include furniture, decor, textiles, and more. You can completely transform a space in your home and still stick to a budget. 

How do you get the Studio McGee look for less?

Studio McGee’s Target collections are a great way to get that “Studio McGee” look for less. The items are great quality and have the same style and feel of some of the higher end pieces you might find from McGee and Co. 

2022 studio mcgee collection

I love the holiday and Christmas pieces that are on the McGee and Co. website. I even have a few small pieces that I’ve collected over the years. But for the most part, the price range is out of my budget. 

I have always wanted to be able to incorporate Shea McGee’s traditional, elegant Christmas style into my home. That’s why I was so excited when the original Target collection was launched in 2020. 

studio mcgee target christmas wreath

You can find Christmas pieces that are similar and just as beautiful as the higher end designer pieces from McGee and Co. 

And because they’re at a lower price point, it’s easy to incorporate some of Shea McGee’s signature style into your home, even if you’re on a tight budget. 

Tips for the Studio McGee Christmas Collection at Target

Studio McGee Target Pieces Sell Out Fast! 

The items in each collection sell fast. Normally, the most popular pieces will sell out very quickly. So if you see something you really love, grab it. 

Set Target Restock Alerts

If something you wanted is out of stock, you can set an alert on the Target website. That way you’ll be the first to know when it’s been restocked. 

First, sign into your Target.com account. Then, you can select the option “notify me when it’s back” on a specific item. You will receive an email notification once the item comes back in stock online. 

Incorporate Seasonal Pieces into your Everyday Collection

Just because this is the Christmas 2022 collection doesn’t mean the items can only be used during the the holiday season. You can incorporate some of the seasonal pieces into your everyday home decor. 

This can be slightly more difficult to decorate year round with Christmas items than with items from the fall collection. For example, Christmas ornaments and stockings will not work in any other season besides the holiday season.

But there are some items in the collection are neutral enough that they don’t have to only be used during the Christmas season. Studio McGee has paid attention to creating beautiful, foundational pieces that will transition easily with your home through every season. 

Swap Target Pillow Inserts

Target pillow inserts can sometimes be a little lackluster. They tend to be a poly filled pillow and don’t give you the same feel or look as a down feather insert.

studio mcgee target next launch

I’ve shared in a previous post all about throw pillow covers and inserts. And in that post, I shared my favorite affordable pillow inserts from Amazon

Many Target fall pillows have a zipper cover, so you can easily swap out the pillow insert. I like to pair the beautiful Christmas Target pillow covers from Studio McGee’s collection with my favorite down inserts from Amazon. This creates that perfect fluffy, designer look for less. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Studio McGee sold?
The Studio McGee collections of decor and furniture are sold at Target under the Threshold brand. You can find the items in the collection at Target.com and in Target stores. 

When did Target launch Studio McGee?
Target originally launched the Studio McGee collection in collaboration with Threshold in the spring of 2020. 

Target released the newest collection for Christmas 2022 on Sunday October 16, 2022. 

Is Studio McGee coming back to Target?
Since the original release with Threshold in spring 2020, Studio McGee has released new collections for each major season. The collections include all new decor, art, pillows, furniture and more! 

The items in each collection are beautiful, stylish, and classic. Perfect for refreshing your home each season. 

What time does Target release new items?
When a new Target home collection is released on Target.com, the items will normally appear at 12:00 am Pacific time the day of the launch. 

There is no specific restocking schedule once items have sold out. It depends on the availability and demand of the item. 

Final Thoughts on the Christmas 2022 Studio McGee Collection

The items included in this year’s Studio McGee Christmas collection are stunning. I love all of the classic Christmas colors and the cozy pieces. There are so many beautiful, natural greenery pieces, and some really high-end looking Christmas ornaments.

I have lots of items on my personal wishlist and I can’t wait to see some of the items in person. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to get a new look in your home this Christmas, or are wanting to get just a few new pieces this year, Target’s new home collection has everything you need. 

I hope you’ve found something you love from the Studio McGee Christmas 2022 Collection.

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