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Fall Home Tour 2018 | Living Room


Take a tour of our living room decorated for fall. Cozy elements, rich autumn colors, and lots of texture make this space perfect for fall!

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fall home tour living room modern home with autumn accents

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Hey friends! Today is one of my favorite days — it’s Fall Home Tour Day! I’m so excited to show you our home all decorated for autumn.

So grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some fall inspiration!

Today I’m sharing our living room. This is obviously the main living area in our home. And, it’s a room that’s constantly evolving into the space that I want it to be. My goal is to have a warm and inviting home. A place that’s cozy and a somewhere that we love to spend time.

fall living room with orange pumpkin and faux florals

For my fall decorations this year, I decided that I wanted to add some color. In years past, I’ve tried to stick with neutrals or non-traditional fall colors. But this year, I wanted to bring in all sorts of fall colors to create a cozy feel in this space.

fall floral arrangement in white vase with couch and throw pillows neutral

One of my favorite ways to seasonally decorate is with florals. I love the look of fresh flowers, but they never seem to last. And it’s always so sad when your gorgeous flowers have died. So I tend to stick with faux florals to get the “look” I’m going for.

This year for the fall season, I was drawn to the blush pinks and red tones. And I couldn’t pass up this protea flower. I used one last year too in my fall floral arrangement. I think it’s the texture that makes it feel really “fall” to me.

blush protea and cream magnolia flowers

And the cream magnolia flower is just a show-stopper. I saw it peeking out from the top row of flowers and thought it would make the perfect centerpiece flower!

fall floral arrangement in a white vase with an orange pumpkin

I created the base of this floral arrangement with some light green eucalyptus. And to make the whole arrangement feel extra whimsical and natural looking, I added these beautiful pink peony stems.

fall floral arrangement in a white vase on a tray with an orange pumpkin

These stems are such great faux floral finds because they have “movement” to them. Instead of being stiff, they naturally fall to the side. So they were perfect for creating that natural look.

pink peony small flowers

The pink leaves stem is something that’s completely opposite of what I would have decorated with in years past. But when I was shopping for my fall florals, there was just something about it that made throw it into my cart.

I placed it in a simple clear vase on one of our end tables and instantly it made the space feel like fall!

end table in living room with fall decorations and pink leaves

Then to add in even more fall elements, I grabbed a few pumpkins! I brought back my favorite cement pumpkins from last year. Then, I layered that with a few other small pumpkins that I found at Hobby Lobby. The white pumpkin is actually a floral pick. But I just cut off the stick and it made the perfect pumpkin decoration.

And remember how I said I decided to add more color this year? Yes, that’s an ORANGE pumpkin!

I never thought that I would be decorating with orange. But this year, I decided to just go for it! Honestly, I really love it! I love the rich tones, and the classic fall feel that traditional orange pumpkins have.

white gray and orange pumpkins on an end table for fall

I also tried to reuse a lot of my standard decorating pieces. You don’t have to go out and buy all new things to decorate for fall. Just shop your own home for colors and textures that fit the autumn season.  

gray and white plaid throw blanket on a couch

There are a few things that have changed in this room since I last gave you a tour. The biggest change is the addition of blinds to our windows. We can finally create a dark and cozy space for movie nights — and also have a little bit of privacy from our neighbors.

fall living room end table and chairs with decorations

Another change is the lamps on the end tables. I never really loved our old lamps and have been looking for replacements for the longest time. I finally spotted these lamps and fell in love with them. I really like the contrast that they bring to the space and they balance the abstract art piece so well.

faux floral arrangement for fall on a tray on a couch with blue and neutral throw pillows

Another change is the addition of this bookshelf. This side of the living room is a little awkward. Because we live in a townhome, this is where the staircase is. So there’s a half wall, some angled walls, and a full wall that isn’t very wide.

accent chair and side table with a white vase and eucalyptus and orange pumpkin

I’ve been looking for the perfect piece to fit in this space, and this bookshelf was just that!

I had so much fun decorating the shelves when we first added it to the living room. For fall, I decided to reuse my DIY wood and metal fall sign from last year and sprinkle in some pumpkins on each shelf.

natural wood bookshelf with fall decorations on the shelves

green faux floral stem in a natural clay vase on a bookshelf

picture frame and orange pumpkin on a bookshelf

When I was trying to reuse my decorations for fall, I looked for items that were somewhat neutral but had some texture and interest. This white vase can work in just about any season. But for fall I filled it with my favorite faux eucalyptus stems.

Then I created a cute vignette with this wooden house (also a great year-round decoration) and a few fall specific items.

The idea is to have larger decorations that can work for any season and then accent with smaller, seasonal pieces — like the acorn and pumpkin.

side table vignette white vase eucalyptus and orange pumpkin

fall living room with blue and neutral throw pillows and orange pumpkin

fall floral arrangement on a tray living room

For our media center, I decided that I wanted a large wooden sign. But instead of spending a bunch of money to buy one, I decided to make one instead!

I absolutely love how it turned out and I think it’s perfect for this space. If you want to make your own autumn wooden sign, you can see the full tutorial here. It’s super easy to make!

black and white wooden autumn sign on a white cabinet

One of my favorite things about fall is all of the seasonal scents. Last year I stopped using candles and was using essential oils in a diffuser. But then I found out that diffusing essential oils is really bad for cats. I had no idea! And I didn’t want to make Widget sick. So, I switched back to candles.

natural wooden candle holders and a fall harvest candle from antique candle works

The candles that I used to always seemed to give me headaches. But this year, I tried some new candles from Antique Candle Works. I met the owner of this small company at Haven this year and just loved her candles!

black and white wooden autumn sign with an orange pumpkin and natural wood candle holders

All of their candles are made from soy wax which contains nothing artificial and doesn’t produce the black soot that cheaper candles do.

There are still a few scents that are a little too strong for me, and I think that’s because I’m sensitive to strong scents. But this Fall Harvest one just smells so good. If I burn it in a large space like our living room, it doesn’t overwhelm the space. And the scent is absolutely perfect for fall!

fall living room with blue and neutral throw pillows and a faux floral arrangement

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our living room for fall!

If you see something that you’d love for your home, I’ve linked all of the sources below.

If you want to know about any of the sources I used to decorate our fall home, you can find them all below: (Similar items are linked for decor that’s discontinued or unavailable).


fall floral arrangement pink cream and green with an orange pumpkin

Have a great week friends!


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  1. Looks Beautiful. Love this light colors with the pop of darker.
    Susan @craftingafamily.com

  2. Christene, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love the combination of greenery, pinks, and pops of orange! You truly have a gift for floral arrangements! You made your home feel so cozy while keeping things simple and bright. Thank you for the fall inspiration! 🙂

  3. Wow Looks amazing. You made your home feel so cozy while keeping things simple and bright. Thank you for the fall inspiration!

  4. Loving your home tour as well as 2016 and 2017! The perfect autumn colors and fall floral arrangements on your table was so much lovely. Also, love the idea of colorful cement pumpkins here and there….

    1. Christene Holder says:

      Thank you so much Ashley!!! And thanks for checking out the previous year’s posts too 🙂

      >> Christene

  5. Hi Christene,
    Beautiful posts about your home tour. So when will your fall home tour 2019 be posted?

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