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New 2023 Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Target Spring Collection


The Best Finds from the New Spring 2023 Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection at Target

The new Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Target Spring 2023 collection is available now! There are some great new pieces added to this collection to help you refresh your home for the new season. Overall, there are tons of items to choose from that will be a great addition to your spring home decor.

The Hearth and Hand with Magnolia spring collection is filled with fresh pastel colors, tons of organizing pieces, and so many new beautiful furniture items.

target hearth and hand spring collection

In this post, you’ll find an overview of the new Spring 2023 collection, including my favorite pieces, tips, and more!

The Magnolia Target line is affordable and filled with beautiful pieces like decor, accessories, furniture, and more!

Each piece is designed with Joanna Gaines’ modern farmhouse style in mind. And with each new collection launched, you’ll find new design trends.

This season, the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Target collection is all about refreshing your home decor for spring. From natural earthy tones, to classic and fresh stoneware, to nature inspired florals and greenery, this collection has all the elements of spring. I love the refreshed and classic feel of this collection.

the best finds from the new spring 2023 hearth and hand collection at target

You can shop the full Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Spring 2023 collection at Target here, and keep reading to see some of my favorite pieces.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. For more information, see my disclosures here.

Here’s a selection of what you’ll find in the new Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection for Spring 2023. I’ve included all of my favorite pieces below. 

hearth and hand target decor
hearth and hand target kitchen
hearth and hand target greenery and florals

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Spring Collection Decor

I always love seeing what new items Joanna brings to each new Target Magnolia collection. The decor pieces for the spring season are so beautiful and I have so many favorites on my wishlist. I especially love the office items. I’ve already grabbed the pinboard and plan on using it in my home office space.

hearth and hand target office organization

You can expect to see lots of light florals and greenery, lots of organization pieces, and some beautiful stoneware items.

hearth and hand target styled spring home

I also always love that kitchen items are included because of Joanna’s love for cooking. I think this makes the Hearth and Hand collection unique from the other major decor collections. 

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Spring Collection Pillows and Throw Blankets

In this spring collection, there aren’t a ton of pillows that I loved. But there are still a few included. There are also some beautiful spring throw blankets.

target hearth and hand pillows and throws

I love the neutral vibe of this pillow and throw collection because they will fit into just about any home.

target hearth and hand spring pillows

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection Spring Furniture

This collection includes a few really beautiful furniture pieces. They’re a mix of modern and traditional, with warm wood tones. 

target hearth and hand furniture

One of my favorite pieces is the entryway bench. It’s perfect for a smaller space or even in a bedroom. I also love the full mudroom storage piece for an entryway. Tons of organizing and storage options.

target spring collection hearth and hand entry

There’s also some really beautiful lighting options. As well as some gorgeous arched top bookshelves that look like designer dupes for higher end ones I’ve seen.

target magnolia collection furniture spring

Decorating with the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Spring Collection from Target

When I decorate our home, I try to create a mix of modern, classic, and organic decor and furniture. 

I want my home to look intentionally collected, timeless, and beautiful. This helps to make our home look cozy and inviting while still looking stylish. 

bookshelves with home decor and natural woven baskets

I’ve always been inspired by Joanna Gaines. She captured my attention from the very first episode of Fixer Upper, and I’ve loved watching her style evolve over the years. 

The newer collections from Joanna Gaines have shifted away from the farmhouse style and more towards classic, traditional pieces. Many of the pieces in her collections now are neutral with lots of organic elements. 

styled bookshelves with colorful and gray accent pieces

I always try to incorporate a few pieces from each Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Target collection into my home. The pieces are practical and functional, but also beautiful!

Because the pieces in the collection are so affordable, they can be used for a variety of different purposes. 

vase with spring greenery and natural wooden bowl with limes in a white kitchen

Want a quick decor refresh? Grab a few decor pieces from the Hearth and Hand collection.

Want a full room makeover? The Target Magnolia collections include furniture, decor, textiles, and more. You can completely transform a space in your home and still stick to a budget.

How can I get Joanna Gaines style?

The Hearth and Hand Target collections are a great way to get Joanna Gaines’ style. The items are great quality and have the same style and feel of some of the higher end pieces you might find from Magnolia Home

joanna gaines target spring

I love the pieces from Magnolia Home. I even have a few small items from when I visited their flagship store in Waco, TX. But a lot of the pieces in their store have a price range that is out of my budget. 

I have always loved watching Joanna Gaines style homes on Fixer Upper. And I wanted a way to incorporate some of those pieces into my home too. That’s why I was so excited when the original Target collection was launched in 2017. 

hearth and hand target kitchen spring items

You can find pieces that are similar and just as beautiful as the higher end pieces from Magnolia Home.

And because they’re at a lower price point, it’s easy to incorporate some of Joanna Gaines’ natural, organic style into your home, even if you’re on a tight budget. 

Tips for the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Spring Collection at Target

Hearth and Hand Target Pieces Sell Out Fast! 

The items in each collection sell fast. Normally, the most popular pieces will sell out very quickly. So if you see something you really love, grab it. 

Set Target Restock Alerts

If something you wanted is out of stock, you can set an alert on the Target website. That way you’ll be the first to know when it’s been restocked. 

First, sign into your Target.com account. Then, you can select the option “notify me when it’s back” on a specific item. You will receive an email notification once the item comes back in stock online. 

Incorporate Seasonal Pieces into your Everyday Collection

Just because this is the Spring 2023 collection doesn’t mean the items can only be used during that particular season. You can incorporate some of these pieces into your everyday home decor. 

There are so many items in the collection are neutral enough that they don’t have to only be used during the spring season. Joanna Gaines has paid attention to creating beautiful, foundational pieces that will transition easily with your home through every season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Hearth and Hand with Magnolia?
The Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collections of decor and furniture are sold at Target. You can find the items in the collection at Target.com and in Target stores.

What year did Hearth and Hand launch?
Target originally launched the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection in the fall of 2017. 

Target released the newest collection for Spring 2023 on Monday December 26, 2022. There are also more pieces that will be released in the collection in January 2023.

Is Hearth and Hand being discontinued?
Since the original release with Target in fall 2017, Hearth and Hand has released new collections for each major season. The collections include all new decor, art, pillows, furniture and more! 

At this time, there does not seem to be any indication that the line is being discontinued. So you can expect to see beautiful new items from Joanna Gaines each season going forward. 

What time does Target release new items?
When a new Target home collection is released on Target.com, the items will normally appear at 12:00 am Pacific time the day of the launch. 

There is no specific restocking schedule once items have sold out. It depends on the availability and demand of the item. 

Final Thoughts on the Spring 2023 Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection

The items included in this year’s Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Christmas collection are so beautiful and fresh for the spring season. There are so many pretty accent pieces, as well as some great high-end looking furniture finds.

I have lots of items on my personal wishlist and I can’t wait to see some of the items in person. 

hearth and hand at target spring collection accessories bathroom

Whether you’re looking for fresh new pieces to add to your home this spring, or want to get organized for the new year, Target’s new home collection has everything you need. 

I hope you’ve found something you love from the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Spring 2023 Collection.

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